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Anybody can open-air preach a doctrinal truth, or declare loudly Scripture from a pulpit. But few can do it with an anointing from within. It's one thing to be zealous against sin and zealous for the doctrines of God. It's another thing to have truth worked within the heart, no agenda, no motives, no hidden deceit, no hidden sin, no appearance of godliness without power. Jesus told his disciples "What manner of spirit are ye?" when they wanted to call fire down from heaven. Job said the same thing to his "friends" when asking "Whose word, and by what spirit do you speak from?"

Doctrine is important, but so is the heart. Alot of open air preachers preach out of an angry spirit. ALot of so called prophets I've heard speak out of an arrogance, a head knowledge, and a bitterness. We need broken men in these last days... not bitter men.

Pastor David Wilkerson preached a wonderful sermon from Job called "Whose Word, What Spirit Is from THee?" He challenges the spirit behind alot of preachers and counselors today. He calls people to speak out of vulnerability and from the heart rather than mere head knowledge. We need more heart preachers.

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 Re: Religion


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 Re: Religion

We need broken men in these last days... not bitter men.

There is more truth in this ...

Mike Balog

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