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bartle wrote:
I listened to Fayetteville, and Praise God, you were preaching with unction, true clear sober strong in the leading of the Holy Ghost. You brightened my heart, and when you turned away that money, I fell in love with you in Jesus.

and the way you handled that foul mouthed man was the way it s'posed to be done....even, with respect, addressing people as "sir" and "maam"

Josh, you know what I always wanted to be involved with?

an old fashioned Holy Ghost tent meeting, and I'd love to see ya preaching in a tent, while I lay face down in the straw providing you with prayer covering.

God bless you, thanks for the sharing, neil

(later edit...I went to your links and went to a site called and they use as an audio intro I and the Holy Ghost did a while back called "You go and Preach it" on [url=!.mp3]You Go and Preach it![/url]

that made me smile, I had a great time in the Lord making that comp....I always enjoyed when ole Ian Paisley got on fire for the Lord....know what? I wonder if the brethern REALLY understood what the Lord was trying to say with me thru that comp? hmmm.

That audio was from when I first started OA preaching. My voice didn't crack or go out on me did it? :-P I can't remember if it did. LOL The atmosphere there was a family type of place. They had Christmas lights everywhere and the people were waiting in line to ride a carriage(sp?). My voice is a lot "stronger" now.

I didn't know you made the comp "You Go and Preach It!" That is a good one.

Josh Parsley

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In Revelation 18 it says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. When one hears a preacher, they ought simply to ask themselves if they can imagine their Lord saying the very same thing right then and there. And then ask if they can imagine their Lord saying it in the manner that the preacher is.

If these two things don't line up, you can be sure the preacher, even if he doesn't claim the gift of prophecy, has nothing to even remotely do with the Spirit that gives such prophecies.

This is very simple, Jed Smock simply is a false evangelist.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Open Air Methods - Why?


Yes, we should preach the Gospel. "Go ye into the HIGHWAYS and HEDGES and compel them to come."

Highways and hedges are definitely open-air... but are graphic descriptions of personal activities really needful?

Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world and preach the GOSPEL," not a perverse object lesson.

Object lessons are good, but I feel that was out of line. There are far better ways to preach. Hey, we could even copycat John Baptist!


Sounds good to me! ;-)

"Let God be true, and every man a liar."

Ryan G.

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