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You said:

It may be a judgement,

This is actually something Art taught quite often. If anyone is sick, if someone has an untimely death, or in any circumstances such as this, our first suspicicion should be the Lord's judgment.

He actually told us of a time which he gave that exact message after a young man died, and the congregation was quite grieved and confused...based on the scripture

"The wrath of God came against them,And slew the stoutest of them, And struck down the choice men of Israel." Psalm 78:31

I would encourage everyone to pray, but pray and seek the Lord's will and heart, and do not assume. Art's messages have been much of a blessing to me, and I have spent adequate time with him to say I know him personally. But, according to Art's teachings, this may be the Lord's dealings with him. And, if it is, then we should be praying for a complete restoration of his soul, and we would expect if that is the issue, and this got resolved, bodily healing would come speedily.

If you feel the Lord leading you to pray for healing, then pray as you are led. But be open to the Lord's leading, without assuming you know God's will from a distance...

God bless you all,


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Just to clarify things, I said that ;-)

Art was one of the ones that opened my eyes to thinking prophetically in such situations. Bless his soul.


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 Re: Art Katz, pray, pray & pray some more

Thanks for clarifying that jordanamo. I didn't say it could be judgment.

Thank you all for praying and fasting for Art. He is such a blessing.


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Speaking as one who does not know, nor as ever met Bro. Katz, I will stand with you in fasting on Saturday. I will also pray that he will be healed, although I know, his life is in our Father's hand.

How long are we to fast? Twelve hrs? Twenty-four hrs? thirty-six hrs? fourty-eight hrs? or does it matter?


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 Re: Art Katz

Dear Dee,

I think twenty four hours or however you are led.
Again I really appreciate you joining with me. This man is someone who will not compromise his message. If he gets up to speak and God doesn't birth a message in his heart he will speak nothing. There are many items by Art Katz on this site so check him out. He is a Jewish believer. My favorite book of his is called "Apostolic Foundations". Get one if you can. His web site is:

Thanks again and bless you


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 Re: Praying for Art Katz

Who can know the ways of the Lord? His ways are not our ways, His thoughts not ours. Art Katz is a man of immense stature who has been used mightly as a mouth piece for the Lord. He has given his life to seeking the Lord and being obedient to the call of God. Does the God we serve bring judgment on His servants for faithfulness and obedience? In second Kings 13, Elisha--the prophet of the Lord, died from an illness, yet even when a band of raiders threw a body into his tomb that body came to life again and stood on his feet.

I am eternally grateful for the ministry of Art, he has instructed, corrected, uprooted, built and planted. However, I stand in agreement with Brian that praying for healing should be in response to the burden of the Lord. Regardless of the outcome of this illness, Art is a winner, and we the body of Christ have been the recipients of profound wisdom and blessing from this seasoned man of God.


Helen Gwilliam

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