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PreachParsly wrote:

If it was the command, did they have knowledge of good and evil before they ate of it? The command was given before they ate.

It wasn't the knowledge of good and evil that condemnd them, but the act of disobediance to the command.
The word for Knoledge is a Hebrew word for to be aware.
The Tree of awareness of good and evil.
But, when they eat of that Tree, they will be knowing a in a diferent way of good and evil for their eyes will be opened.

Knowing, in that they experienced evil by chooseing to disobey.

[b]Genesis 3:5[/b] [color=990000]For God does know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.[/color]

Compaire the two words for knowledge in the above verse and for the name of the Tree.

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God already lost the son of the morning. In creating Adam and Eve, there was a test. Don't eat of the tree. With Adam completely innocent he really did not know what was evil or for that matter what was good, he had nothing to be able to assimilate the difference, he only new God said don't eat. When Adam saw eve eat and not die, die, what was that, he did not have that knowledge either. So when he saw nothing happen to Eve and she offered it to him, he did eat. Not even thinking about what God had said, unless Eve being deceived and telling Satan that they were not supposed to eat or they would surely die, Adam heard her and the deception and lies of Satan, he just ate.

Then what happened? I feel sorry for Adam. He was created a full grown man, didn't see anything that made him feel comfortable in the animals, so God preformed surgery on him and when he woke up there was a woman beside him, he did not even know what she was, but she took over immediately and made her own decision and ate by being deceived, but he was excited, wowman, then he ate the stupid fruit and was kicked out of his home, into the wilderness, then eve being a typical woman, she gave birth to children, Adam in about 2 weeks went through a whole lot. Then the training began and is still going on today. With the knowledge of right and wrong we can now choose either Satan or Jesus Christ. In believing that Christ is the Son of God, we can now be born again and start all over, renewing our minds, for we now have the Mind of Christ. We now have The Holy Spirit of God, which Adam knew not. We are destined to go back to the Father's house and be what He wanted in the first place, a Son that loved Him the way He wanted to be loved. We are that son by the only Begotten Son Jesus Christ the only one that loves Him as He wants. We are different as the flowers of the fields but we are that son by the Son.

In Christ: Phillip


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