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Celbridge Kildare Ireland

 Re: Passion

Hi the movie has not opened here yet in Ireland, I think its due at the end of month. I was particularly interested in the comment about the Catholic girl who came away guilt ridden as we have a population whihc is still 98% Roman Catholic and all carry the inherent guilt complexes.The nation also has a knowledge of Christ but deny the power thereof. This film will I expect just compound the situation.

My concern not having seen the movie is that it can reduce the death of Christ to a script just like a war movie. Most kids have no real concept of what soldiers suffered during Vietnam or WW1&2 despite the fact that they have seen it and indeed played it on play station.The danger is that they will encounter Jesus but not realize that He is really their Saviour.I really feel that we need to be carful about the level of endorsement we give the film, not because its bad but because it sounds like we have been waiting for this to save our churches.

Maria has really said it we will get the trendy shallow, yes I was moved. To rob a quote from another movie (james bond) "Shaken but not stirred"

Lets pray for revival, not play for it.

Paul R Carley

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 Re:other Jesus films

Because of the popularity of the Passion- there are now quite a few tv movies coming out. Last night was "Judas"(which I watched only a portion) and soon there will be one on Jesus and Paul hosted by peter Jennings.

Last night when Judas was on, I had my kids stay up to watch it- thinking it might be good. I was really disappointed in the portrayal of Jesus. I really felt that no one can "play" Him and it would really be accurate. I don't even know if this is right to do. I finally turned it off, after a seen where judas and Jesus were 'playfully wrestling'.

My kids kept saying is that Jesus? I had to repeat MANY times that it was just a man playing Jesus. We really don't know what He looked like or talked like. I had to make sure that they did not keep that picture of this jesus in their mind as THE Jesus.

Satisfied in the REAL Jesus, Chanin


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