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 Some results of the Passion

As we were flipping throught the channels on t.v. today, I ran across some teens or young adults talking about the Passion on MTV. It is now the popular thing.

To quote what they said- "God is "hot" right now". Also one guy was displaying his new hat which read "Jesus is my Homeboy". One girl admitted to making out during the whole movie.

I am sorry but i felt this coming. There is no reverence for our God in this.

My daughter, Arielle came home from school today (she goes to a public school so that she can be a light to others) she came home upset to see that most of the kids at school have now see the movie. Everyone is talking about it. it is also the "popular' thing at school. Some kids went in church groups or were invited, etc...

One particular girl who is a pastors daughter- who is in no way a good example of her faith (she yells at her teachers, listens to questionable rock music, swears at school) This girl now says she is "on fire" since seeing the movie. Yet in the next breath she is yelling at her teachers in major disrespect.

Arielle is appalled at all of this. She said that everyone talks about how much they cried and "aren't we so lucky that He did that for us?"
But their hearts and actions don't show one bit of change.

Two other girls who went to see the movie together got their pictures taken together in one of those little photo booths at the theatre. On the top, they had written 'Lil devils".

One boy who brought a bible to school today- but was obviously embaressed that he did- told another boy that has some family problems "you need to get a faith!" Like, 'you loser!" Arielle stuck up for this boy since she has tried to befriend him. "No, he doesn't, he just needs a relationship with Jesus.

I am so thankful to see the fruit that is coming from Arielle. We have tried to instill that we are to "love " others like Jesus would and to be a genuine Christian every minute of the day in every way- not just sometimes, not just after an emotional movie.

Not to mention my Dad and his wife (i mentioned this before on another thread). Saw the movie, raved about it to me, said "You HAVE to see this movie" They are christians but wealthy and somewhat lukewarm. Two days later they are on their way for a 3 week vacation to Palm Springs and a trip to see Hollywood (since she has never been there before). Wow, they were really changed! :(

The MTV thing- this is...what can i say? They have sold people a different Jesus than the one i know.

In Him, Chanin


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 Re: Some results of the Passion

This is very disturbing to me. I was sent this from a prophetic group called 'The Gathering of Eagles". Notice that she calls herself "Prophetess" Heidi

What are we teaching our children?
Heidi Owens
Mar 04, 2004

It is with a combination of joy and grief that I write this article. The Lord gave me the idea/understanding of why it must be written, and now, He and some saints I pray with have confirmed to me it needs to be sent out. So, it is with much prayer that I am writing and sending this out. Please pass it around as you see fit.

Heidi (ProphetessH, Hadassah :))

The word of God says suffer the little children to come to Christ. Are we doing that? What exactly are we teaching our children about the ramifications of being a Christian? Why are we teaching or not teaching them the truth of God? Why do we assume that they cannot handle it?

Presently the film the Passion is circulating in theatres. All over the world it has an adult rating. So what? God had to reach us in the only language we seem to understand anymore: entertainment. And that's ok, He owns Hollywood anyway. Through this film, people all over the globe will be evangelised in a new radical way. Not only seeing the gospel, but more. From the beginning, they will see just how He suffered for us. Praise Him! So, why are we, as Christians, not taking our kids to see it? We can justify allowing our children to watch television and movies which compromise the growth God is wanting to effect in them? Cut me a break. We say it's too much for them? Let's get real. Our Jesus went through outright torture so our children could have eternal life in Him, they need to know that.

I have two daughters, ages 10 and 8. Both are saved, both are walking in the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit, both went to see the film. We went to see the Lord of the Rings for Valentines Day, and bought the Passion tickets that day. We were all three of us excited. We prayed and fasted to prepare, reading the Dolores Passion, and making a praise compilation on the windows program, which we listened to all those ten days... We talked about the violence, which we have spoken of in the past, but this time, I prepared them to SEE it. Online there are sites with still pictures, theatrical trailers, articles, etc. We looked together. Discussed it, they still agreed to go. So I told them they could close their eyes if they could not take the movie, but they could not leave, they would be safe in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We prayed and trusted God would not allow the enemy to get to their minds.

I listened to all the people tell me it was too much for kids. Too violent, too realistic. For the tiniest moment I thought they might be messed up seeing all that. And then I thought, so what? So what if they have a few nights sleepless? So what if the images haunt them? These are the times for us to be serious about God, to stop sugar coating the truth. If the girls are messed up a few days now, they will not as adults have to relearn the value of the sacrifice He made for them, like so many of us have to. Someone told me this was harsh. (my note: harsh? not letting them leave if they need to- is this torture?)

Reality is harsh. The Word never says otherwise. In fact the word says two things that stand out to me as I write this: Train up a child in the ways they will go and when they are older they will not depart from it. Also, it states that Jesus on that cross was NOT recognizable as a man. This second scripture I kept in mind while we prepared to see the film.

The girls cried, but then grown men were crying. They were startled by abrupt movements on screen, but then so was the whole theatre. They were sad and weeping when He cried out "Eli! Eli!" But then, so was their mom. They let out great shouts of joy to see Jesus standing naked and alive in the tomb, but then so did some other people in the theatre. And when we got outside, they were already asking to come again.

Put quite simply, they have been transformed. Jael is ten and said she never thought what He suffered for us, but is glad she knows. Mahalah is eight and says her favourite part "was when the devil had a hissy fit, because Jesus made the way." There have been no nightmares, no sleepless nights, no upsetting visions. If nothing else there has been an attitude of praise and reverence for what He has done for us. A hunger to know more.
Even as much as we prepared, we were blown away by what we saw.

So this morning as I was walking, I prayed about what to write, what to say to all these people who are saying it may be too much for their kids. The Lord said to me, "If they are training up their children in truth, they should be able to handle it. Who is it really, that can't take the truth?"

Why are we so afraid of the truth? Why is it that we cannot allow ourselves to trust God to teach our children deeper things? As some of us being Spirit led believers, we should be allowing the Holy Spirit to be teaching our children, and ourselves. How can we be projecting our weakness onto our children in His name?

I submit to you that these precious lambs are the revival generation. This is the time where truth is doing more than setting people free, it is breaking down strongholds we never imagined. What God wants to let loose through these precious ones is nothing we have ever imagined. They need to know the truth. They need to be allowed to see for themselves, as mine did, and really truly understand what happened on that day 2000 years ago. Mel Gibson shouldn't have to be teaching them this, it has to be starting in the home. It must begin in our hearts, and with us.

Our children are a prophecy, a promise coming to pass. What are we doing to prepare them? Are we beginning with the most basic truth of the Christian walk? The work on the cross? Our children need to understand what He really suffered, what He really did for us. This was not just a nice guy who took a beating, walked up a hill, got treated badly and then hung on a cross until He died. Every mark, every wound brought a healing, brought grace, brought us to the throne of grace. If we are afraid our children cannot handle the truth, perhaps we should ask ourselves if we have really grasped it.

My prayer is that children like mine will not be unique in their hunger and understanding of the things of God. That parents will see this film with their children and receive from the Holy Spirit new understanding of what our salvation cost God. Mercy had a price and it was paid more than full.

Father, thank you for this media, for this evangelism explosion. Lord you have your way, you be in the movie houses around this world of yours, and you touch men's hearts and minds. We just want to be available to those you send to us. Lord let us set our children free, to come unto you. Give us a trust in our spirits to allow them to grow at your pace not ours. Give us as adults a stomach for the truth, and the ability to share it with others. Bless everyone, Lord who has the courage to speak truth no matter the cost. Sweet Jesus thank you, for all you suffered I can not thank you enough, we can never repay you, except to share the truth with the lost, and even with those who have forgotten it. Thank you Lord, have your way in us Holy Spirit, speak as you will.

In Jesus name, amen


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 Re: Some results of the Passion

-dont forget Christ was crucified openly in front of mockers sinners and curious on lookers. he did it freely for the thankful and unthankful. few in the crowd were His followers.besides the theif and the roman solider i dont know if anyone else repented that day. yet while we were yet sinners he demonstated his love for us. remember saul was there when stephen breathed those words "Father forgive them they know not what they do." he went on persecuting the church for a while but the prayer of stephen followed him. i pray those who have heard those words from Jesus will be followed too.

Allison Coalz

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Referring back to the first post by Chanin.

There is a Chinese saying, "Water can float the boat; it can also sink the boat."

There is nothing wrong with water. It is how we properly use it that matters. I think this applies to any film, including "The Passion of the Christ."

My two pennies.


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I posted this on another thread but figured it applies here. Just something the Lord gave to me during prayer. Not trying to start anything, just sharing.

(Just a note before: Please understand I completely support Mel Gibson in making this movie.)

The Rocks Will Cry Out

"The apostles had avoided all appeal to the senses, trusting in the power of the Word alone. The Church, she said, resorted to pictures only when her power had gone." - Elisabeth Elliot, "A Chance to Die, The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael."

Many who have seen Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” declare that their lives have been forever changed. I’m sure this is true in many respects. It isn’t very often that we are visually exposed to the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am supportive of the movie even though I have not yet seen it. I believe that God is Sovereign and that He commissioned Mel Gibson to make this film. I also believe that it will indeed impact many lives, but as always, when God comes on the scene not everyone is changed for the better.

I believe only those who “hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches” will be divinely affected by this film. The Scripture says we have a choice: we will either be, broken and changed by His appearing, or we will be hardened and eventually crushed.

But Jesus looked at them and said, "What then is this that is written: ‘THE STONE WHICH THE BUILDERS REJECTED, THIS BECAME THE CHIEF CORNER stone'? Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust." Luke 20:17-18

I’ve heard it said, “The Church today has almost lost her voice.” I would take it a step further. The professing church of Jesus Christ has already lost her voice. It is evident through the making of this film. Because we have refused to hear Him, because we have refused to preach the cross, because we are in love with the gods of this world, He had to send a picture to bring us back to our knees. Not only a picture, but a movie made by a “movie star.” (Not bashing Mel Gibson as I deeply admire what the Lord is doing in His life.)

Movies are incredibly powerful. They are captivating and all of them are eventually life changing. Unfortunately, most of them are not clean. They are not at all “true,” “honorable,” “right,” “pure,” “lovely,” “of good repute,” “excellent” or “worthy of praise” (see Philippians 4:8) and those who belong to Christ have no business entertaining themselves with the filth of secular society. Nevertheless, God has chosen to speak to His people through their idol. He says, “You won’t proclaim my suffering’s to the world? I will. You won’t talk about the cross, I’ll find someone who will.”

And that’s what He has done.

The message of the cross is more than forgiveness; it is sanctification. “For, on the one hand, there is a setting aside of a former commandment because of its weakness and uselessness (for the Law made nothing perfect), and on the other hand there is a bringing in of a better hope {Jesus}, through which we draw near to God.” (Hebrews 7:18-19 NASB) That is, the Law made nothing complete. Jesus Christ is our Redemption, Justification, and our Righteousness. He completes us. He died so that we might know Him and be reconciled to His Father. Because the church has given up her purity and forsaken the way of the cross there is a lack of good teaching. People don’t know the Gospel. Sure, they may know that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, but they don’t know the full story. God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6 NASB)

It is a shame that the professing church has failed to present an accurate picture of Jesus Christ to a rapidly decaying generation. It is a shame that many sit in pews week after week and never have an encounter or revelation of the cross of Christ. It is a shame that professing Christians are numb, even stunned, when they walk out of the theater. Should a Believer be moved? Absolutely. Should a Believer be shaken? Maybe. The fact is that Believers should have already been shaken by the Living and enduring Word of God. They shouldn’t have to see a film to “wake up,” they should already be awake. For Believers the film should only solidify the sufferings of Christ and remind us that we, also, are to humbly take up our cross.

My intention is not to downplay this film. As stated earlier, I believe this film has God’s fingerprints all over it. I am merely pointing out it is shameful that it is taking a movie to shake and awaken many in the church. Furthermore, I am convinced that many who were “shaken” will not be changed. Many who have seen this movie simply have had another emotional experience; they won’t be changed because they don’t even realize they need to change! They say, “Oh, I am so blown away that Jesus would suffer for me that I could be forgiven and go to heaven!” That’s only part of the story! Mel Gibson beautifully portrays the rest of it by having Jesus say: “Behold, I make all things new.”

If we understand the Gospel our reaction will be this: “Jesus took up His cross in order that I might know God. Father, give me the Grace to take up my cross:

And He was saying to them all, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23)

“Live crucified to the world:

But may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. (Galatians 6:14)

“And forsake its lusts:

Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts, and do not go on presenting the members of your body to sin as instruments of unrighteousness; but present yourselves to God as those alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law but under grace. (Romans 8:12-14 NASB)

“May I come out from among them and be separate so that the world might know of Your forgiveness and Your power to free them from sin.”

I believe this movie is a cry to all nations to repent. God says, "Here I am. This is what I did. It's time to believe." I also believe this movie is a testimony against a stubborn, backslidden, church. A church whose lips speak His Name, yet whose actions deny His power. (See 2 Timothy 3:1-5)

God is calling His Church back to the cross. Will we heed His Voice?

May we receive His message and begin to walk as Jesus did.

The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked. (1 John 2:6 NASB)

Hidden in Him,



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Keep preachin, Maria. If the men won't stand in the gap, God will accomplish His work through the faithful.

In Chirst

Jeff Marshalek

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I owe the readers of this web site a public apology. I said on several occasions that "The Passion..." is "only a movie". I saw it today, and I was wrong.
The only thing I know to say that comes close to describing the experience is: "I find no fault .." ;-)

Howard McNeill

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 Re: "the" movie

Wel I saw it....I don't think it is something you can really critique ..but I have my opinions. First off I went with my unsaved mother-in-law, she thought it was unrealistic, and it could'nt have been that bad(my take is that by feeling this way you deny any reponsibility and it remains just a movie...) My sister in law, a former catholic, came away horribly guilt ridden ( just a few short steps away from whipping herself!) My wife was deeply moved and my saved spirit filled 16 y/o daughter came away with the thoughts of something major was left out. God forgive me, but to me it was just another movie and anything christian does not portray well on film, it does not bring anyone to a place of realizing there sins, realizing why HE did it....It was as if Ol Mel was paying pennance for all that he had done in his life. It was stated in some magazine that Mels life was filled with addictions, and this is just another one...I think its good ol catholic pennance being paid...but its just my opinion.....give it 6 months and they'll be saying "passion what?"

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee


You're my good common sense guy from N.Y.! At first glance, I had a similar impression as your mother in law about the severity of the punishment(it couldn't have been THAT bad). I have seen men die having received LESS trauma to their bodies, than was inflicted at the scourging. That thought brought with it a reply in my spirit that said in effect: remember when I said "no man takes my life from me...". Then I pictured that Roman soldier standing there at the foot of the cross saying " Truly this was the Son of God." I think he said that not from some spiritual insight, but from what he witnessed happen to the MAN Jesus during those final hours. It had to be God that endured that, no mere man COULD or WOULD have done it.
Some other things jumped out at me that'll preach. How about Barabas? What a picture that was of someone being delivered by a Proidential act, and walking right past the Provider without even an acknowledgement.How often do I see that in Church? Folks get something from God ( salvation or healing), then get right back into the same mess they were in as soon as they walk out the door . I suspect Barabas was back in the joint before sundown.
I had some other impressions, but my 20 minuites is up.

Howard McNeill

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I invited my son and his wife to see the Passion with me and my wife.
When they arrived at the theater my son was sick, very sick. About 15 mins. into the movie he got up and left, to sick to stay.
I seem to have missed the first of the movie side tracked by my concern for my sons well-being. Later in the movie I noticed myself still thinking about my son and wondering if he had made it home safely.
During the scourging my attention was brought back to the full impact of what I was seeing on screen when God spoke to my heart about me being so moved by the pains of my son... How much more he must have grieved seeing the suffering of His Son.


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