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 Re: Your favorite book(s): suggested reading.

I will name just a few because being an extremely avid reader of Christian books my list is huge.

1. Apostolic Foundations - Art Katz
This book really opened my eyes for believers
to have an eternal mindset. That we won't
relate to the kingdom correctly with out
that understanding

2. The Spiritual Man - Watchman Nee
I was the most comprehensive book I have
ever read about the threefold nature of

3. Spiritual Torrents - Madam Jean Guyon
It gives you an understanding of just what
the cross really means in this life

4. Hind's Feet On High Places - Hannah Hurnard
Just because it's wonderful

5. The Wounded Spirit - Frank Peretti
This is the autobiography of his life.

6. The Heavenly Man - Pastor Yun
A prisoner for his faith in China's prisons.
It will cause you to be very thankful for what
you have and to wonder if difficulties should
be welcome in our lives

7. Christian Perfection - Francios Fenelon
A difficult book to find on the inner life
of a Christian

8. Brokeness the Forgotten Factor in Prayer -
Mickey Bonner
Speaks for itself by the title

That is just a few. I have many more. Oh how I thank God for the rich treasury that has been handed down to us by men and women who allowed God to stir their hearts.


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 Re: Your favorite book(s): suggested reading.

crucified whit christ-L.E Maxwell

saving life of christ-W.Ian Thomas


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 Re: Your favorite book(s): suggested reading.

1. The Pilgrim's Progress ~ John Bunyan

2. Christ The Sum of All Spiritual Things ~ Watchman Nee
(this book was actually stolen from me on a train trip, i never got to finish it!)

3. One With Christ ~ Hudson Taylor

4. Foxe's Book of Martyrs ~ John Foxe

5. The Heavenly Man ~ Brother Yun

6. How to pray ~ R. A. Torrey

7. Abide in Christ ~ Andrew Murray

8. And most biographies of great and godly men.

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Hemel Hempstead


Heroes of Faith Series by Barbour Books [url=]Heroes of Faith[/url]

Puritan Paperback series- the next series I want to read but have not got the money for the books[url=]Puritan Paperbacks[/url]

Anything by John Bunyan, Andrew Murray, R A Torrey!!

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: suggested reading

1. Maurice Roberts' books: The Thought of God,
Great God of Wonders, and The Christian's High Calling. They're available at Banner of Truth (

2. The Thought of God by A.W. Tozer
3. Pierson's biography on George Mueller
4. Mary Slessor of Calabar by W. P. Livingstone
5. Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan
6. Loving God With All Your Mind by Elizabeth George

There are so many more I want to read, that I can't get around to because I read my favorite books over and over! They're like old friends that I can't bear to put away.

Jennifer Richardson

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 Re: Your favorite book(s): suggested reading.

Some of my recent favorites:

In the Beginning, by Walt Brown
Intelligent Design vs Evolution: Letters to
an Atheist, by Ray Comfort
One Heartbeat Away, by Mark Cahill
What Is Reformed Theology?, by R.C. Sproul
The Way of the Master, Ray Comfort

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Wheaton, IL


One of the things I do that I think might be an encouragement to other avid readers is to read multiple books at once, in small doses!

I'll read anywhere between three and nine books at any time, only one chapter at a sitting, that way I get the most out of each chapter.

Right now I'm reading 'Promise of the Spirit' a compilation of lectures by Charles Finney, along with some John Owen, AW Tozer and CS Lewis.

The topics of the books overlap a lot, and the way that I keep them seperate in my mind is to take notes on what I've read and to try to remember one important thing about what i've just read.

For example, from Finney, I remember that I just read the first lecture on the Promises of God. The AW Tozer was on the Wisdom of God and the CS Lewis was on Faith (I really loved his illustration about asking a father for money to buy him a birthday present...).

I say this, because before I would try to sit and read a book cover to cover in one sitting... which is possible if it's something like Brother Andrew's 'God's Smuggler' or a Corrie Ten Boom book... but when I did it with something like Andrew Murray or EM Bounds, I found later that I couldn't remember anything in particular about what I'd read... besides the fact that I'd read it!

I guess what I'm trying to say is, enjoy what you're reading, read in order to get the most out of it, don't push yourself just to get to the last page!

One thing I do is to make myself read a chapter of something I don't necessarily want to read every day before something I do... Although I love John Owen, it's not always the easiest reading... So in order to read KP Yohannan, I force myself to read at least one chapter of John Owen and take at least three notes.

I hope God blesses you reading =)

Ian Smith

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Philadelphia PA

 Re: Your favorite book(s): suggested reading.

Hi tjservant,

I have really been inspired by the story of the imprisionment of Richard Wurmbrand, called Tortured for Christ.

I also carry around with me in my backpack a book called [i]The Valley of Vision, a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions[/i]. There is very much in these prayers which is God exhalting and also humbling for our hearts to meditate upon and consider. I sometimes read them on the bus or train, and if I'm much distracted by all the noise and commotion(on the bus and with life in general).

I pray you will be edified in built up in whatever you read.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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The Spiritual Man Watchmen Nee
School of Christ T Austin Sparks
Life of God In the Soul of Man Henry Scougal
Any of George Warnocks books.
Christian and Complete Armor William Gurnall
Life and Diary of David Brainerd Jonathan Edwards


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 Re: Your favorite book(s): suggested reading.

Imitation of Christ Thomas a Kempis Absolute Surrender and Humility by Andrew Murray
The Calvary Road Roy Hession

All of these books are very challenging to go deeper in surrender to Christ...also I have found them all available online so if you want to PM me, I will give you the links and you can spend your pennies on some other suggestions!


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