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 Questions about 'Two by Twos'


I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on a certain religious group called 'The Way' or 'Two by Twos'. I've heard that they don't believe that Jesus was God; thus that would make them a cult. But does anyone have some information specifically on what they believe?

Thanks so much!

 2007/2/3 17:19

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 Re: Questions about 'Two by Twos'

Dear Joy,

I found some information for you. As you can guess, it doesn't look good for these guys. If you type "2x2" in a search, you'll find the websites. In particular, look at the last paragraph where you'll discover what they do NOT believe (i.e. in a Triune God) - Brother Paul

While the church itself claims no official name, they are referred to by a variety of aliases. Some of these include: Two by Twos, The Truth, The Way, The black stockings, Tramp preachers, Cooneyites (following a break off from the original movement), Go preachers, or simply the No name church. Ministers have officially registered the church under the names Christian Conventions (USA), United Christian Conventions of Australia (Australia), The Testimony of Jesus (United Kingdom), and various others. 1

Founder: William Irvine

Date of Birth: 1863

Birth Place: Kilsyth, Scotland

Year Founded: Founded 1897, First convention 1903

Sacred or Revered Texts: King James Bible; Hymns Old and New


They believe that Salvation comes ONLY by Grace
They believe that Salvation can NEVER be earned (NOBODY DESERVES IT).
They believe that Salvation is possible with Biblical instruction, Faith in and obedience to God, and true Christian fellowship -- based upon the word of God -- because of Grace. (Rom:10:14)
They believe that Salvation IS not CONDITIONAL, but that works do reflect a Saved individual:
Finally, they believe that Salvation comes through faith and the shed blood of Jesus Christ

They believe that Jesus JESUS, THE SON OF GOD, DID INDEED COME TO SHOW THE WAY; TO BE THE ONLY PERFECT EXAMPLE; TO BE THE PATTERN MINISTER. Who else could have been? Who but the divine Son of God could "Show The way"?
They believe that Jesus' death is all-important for Salvation
His Life showed men How to live
They believe that Jesus IS the Way to heaven; He is the Door to heaven -- there is no other door. he had to die -- He said so Himself -- but would not leave them alone:
They believe that Jesus showed HOW to live a Godly Life and HOW to worship; how to live in brotherhood among the saved. they simply FOLLOW that pattern Christ left us.

They believe that only 2x2 workers can give spiritual translation of the holy bible.
They believe that the ministers follow the example of Jesus and the apostles (everyone reads the Bible daily and should know), following both in what they preached and taught, and how they preached and taught.
They believe that Jesus Christ is the mediator between man and God, and that He the ONLY Mediator.
They believe that their ministers study the Bible (along with the church) constantly to prepare them and keep them in this labor of love. Everything stated by their ministers is clearly supported by numerous Scriptures. The people are well aware of the ministers' actual profession being full-time ministry. The ministers are watched by many, like hawks.
They believe that men who study to show themselves approved are worthy of some authority, so long as it agrees with the Bible's (God's Word) doctrine, and the ultimate authority to God.
They believe that their ministers are only acceptable as long as their words agree with those of the Lord Jesus Christ -- written for us in the Bible.
They believe that Tradition (outside of what is shown in the Bible) is NOT part of their belief. In all matters, the Bible is the final, earthly authority to both the minister and the priest (the people).

They DO believe that one should NOT dissect the Holy God.
They DO believe that the Holy Spirit is divine, but whether the Holy Spirit is God, or Jesus, or both, they are not certain. Is the Holy Spirit wholly separate from the father? From Christ? It is not spelled out. For instance: Many things Christ could not do while the Holy Spirit was in heaven (if you will) and Jesus was on earth. Why?
They DO believe that Jesus is and was Divine -- the Son of God
They DO believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in the saved.
They DO believe that Christ's work is NOT finished -- it NEVER is-- but...
They DO believe that His work of Salvation IS finished, however.
They DO believe that JESUS' DEATH substituted for the faithful -- ALL the faithful.
They DO believe that ALL men have sinned; we're all born that way.
They DO believe that If a person continues in faith, he is saved, through Christ's shed blood. (Mark 4:16)
They DO believe that a ministry is necessary, and Biblical. So is faith! Faith comes by Hearing! (Rom:10:15)
They DO believe that one may know he/she is saved -- Salvation is assured the faithful. (John:15:5:)
They DO believe the Church (the saved) is the priesthood; they (the "workers") are their servants.
They DO believe that Salvation is FREE, but works gain rewards NOT salvation, for...
They DO believe that Grace is FREE, independent of ANY works.

They do NOT believe in the Triune God
They do NOT believe in the deity of Jesus; that Jesus is God the Son.
They do NOT believe in the deity of the Holy Spirit; that the Holy Spirit is God the Spirit.
They do NOT believe the Holy Spirit permanently indwells every believer.
They do NOT believe in the finished work of Christ.
They do NOT believe that Jesus came to be our substitute in His life and death.
They do NOT believe that man is born in sin.
They do NOT believe in eternal security.
They do NOT believe in the priesthood of all believers.
They do NOT believe conversion can take place through the written Word without human agency.
They do NOT believe one can know they are saved in this lifetime.
They do NOT believe salvation can be attained without going through their ministers (the workers).
They do NOT believe in total reliance upon Jesus' shed blood for salvation.
They do NOT believe that salvation is an unconditionally free gift of God.
They do NOT believe salvation solely by grace through faith in Jesus, not of works. (Eph 2:8,9)

More information [url=]here[/url]

Paul Frederick West

 2007/2/3 17:29Profile


Thank you, brother Paul. That information was very helpful. I know at least one person who is concerned about their son-in-law who is interested in this movement so it will be helpful to pass this information on to her.
Once again, thank you for taking the time to look up this information. I appreciate it.
Your sister,

 2007/2/3 19:40

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