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Our perception of reality creates our will.

The inclination of our will effects individual choices that we make. In other words, the choice that one makes will naturally follow ones own inclination. Consequently, if one loves ones self or the world more than the one(GOD) commanding him/her, one cannot consistently do things that please the commander(GOD). Ones decisions are in bondage to your affections and inclinations so that you only do what you have favor towards.
Love God, hate sin; Love yourself and the world, hate God

However, Man is not so "totally depraved" in so much that he can not, by his own volition, act upon the Truth/reality and the Love by which God draw men to Himself.

If we truly have no free will, then we have no responsibility to God and his commands.

[b]GOD[/b]: Why did you not believe?
[b]MAN[/b]: You did not give me the will to believe.

All in all, man has the responsibility to obey or abide by truth/reality which sets a standard for our values which creates our affections that drive our will.

Value has a set standard that is made by GOD. Value is real and based on reality.

Why is a Ming Dynasty era vase more valuable than a Wal-Mart vase?
Because of the fact(truth) of reality.

Man is a moral creature that must abide by the reality . Reality of value, therefore, must be the standard for our affections that drive our will.

If Reality is the basis of will, then it is our own perception of reality that creates our will; our understanding of the Truth creates our will.

No one wills to be wrong, therefore, all mankind thinks they are right and that is why mankind wills what they will untill prooven/persuaded otherwise, then the will is changed.

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