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Joined: 2007/2/2
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I'm a newbie from the inner streets who has been through a lot of personal struggles. I recently got married in 07/06. I hope to find strong spiritual friends who I can conversate with because I'm starting my journey to be a pastor. I used to be a rapper and a music producer of hip-hop but i put all that down and picked up a bible. My background is African American but we're all brothers and sisters that's what i luv about God's family.


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Dallas, Texas

 Re: new walk

Congratulations on getting married! Welcome to SermonIndex; this place is a blessing from God. I pray you'll glean much from the treasury here, and that the saintly fellowship you'll find will greatly benefit your growth in Jesus Christ!

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: newbie

Welcome! I here to pray for you brother, if there's anything I can help you with just ask. I will be out of town for the next 3 weeks though so any response to this will take some time. When I'm on the road I avoid all forms of media including the internet. But as soon as I'm back I check this site first thing. Enjoy the materials here. God Bless. Bro. daryl


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Melbourne, Australia

 Re: newbie


redboy wrote:
I'm a newbie from the inner streets who has been through a lot of personal struggles.

Praise God for struggles.;-)

Welcome aboard. This place has been a catalyst for deep change in so many of our lives. I pray that you'll find what you are seeking here.

Aaron Ireland

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 Re: I need a little help

There are so many audio files and I'm just wondering if you can help me. Who are some of your favorite pastors that you listen to on sermon index as far as audio goes. I know everyone has a different preference, but I'm just curious. Take your time and send me a list when your ready. God bless you!


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Welcome redboy,

Try the "Top 20 Downloads" on the lefthand side of the main page for starters.

Leonard Ravenhill
A.W. Tozer
Keith Daniel
Zac Poonen
David Wilkerson
Devren Fromke
Art Katz
T. Austin Sparks

Are not really favorites, far too many for that, just what comes to mid in short order...

You really cannot go wrong here, dig in and explore!

Mike Balog

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Corrie ten Boom
Keith Green
Derek Prince


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Keith Daniel
David Wilkerson
Paul Washer
Gerhard Du Toit
Paris Reidhead

There's a few. :-)

 2007/2/3 16:34

 Re: newbie

Brother redboy,

I was a 'newbie' a short time ago. I have since learned a lot by sitting back and reading, but also by putting my thoughts 'out there', too.

I have a feeling that you and I have quite a bit in common. I will be getting married soon. I came looking for strong spiritual friends to help me on my jouney, not only to be a pastor, but for life!

I came from a rough childhood and put down a lot of things including sex, drugs, alcohol, and other worldly things to become a christian. I am not 'African American', actually, I am 'Caucasion Canadian' (sorry, play on letters..), but believe it or not, I was saved over four years ago in an all 'African Canadian' Baptist church, where I was the only 'white' guy.

In my neighborhood, color was not an issue, for me anyway. So, if you ever want to chat, send me a message. I have been on here a lot and will be in the future because there is great information to be had, especially listening to sermons.

God Bless and Keep on,

 2007/2/5 8:47


Like I said, I am new and most of these people are as new to me as well, but since I have been here I have taken to ...

Leonard Ravenhill - i only heard a couple
A.W. Tozer - i enjoy his underlying humour
Keith Daniel - very strong willed

But like you said, there are soooooooooo many...
take your time, they are not going anywhere...

God Bless Truth,

 2007/2/5 8:52

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