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 Praying someone sober

I would like to ask a question, is it possible to pray someone sober so you can get the Gospel through to them?

Last week, I met a man, Phil, who was completely drunk, he was on the doorstep of the church I go to for Bible study. He tried to walk away and just fell on his face.

Anyway, I got some help from another Christian who turned up and we got him into the meeting with us. He joined in a few hymns and when the bible study began he wanted to go. A lady and I helped him to the door and we sat there and talked to him for about 45 mins, giving him the law and the Gospel as much as he could understand.

The meeting finished and we took him back for a drink (of juice!) and others spoke to him about the Gospel.

Eventually I took him home and spoke to his non-too-pleased wife, I gave her the Gospel when she asked if there was any hope for him. Meanwhile Phil was sat in the lounge with a guy whom I knew who was an ex-alcoholic and Christian, I have no idea why he was there, I guess he was a friend of the family.

This guy also gave Phil the Gospel.

I haven't heard from him since that night, he may turn up tonight, but what I want to know is; in hindsight my mum and I thought that we should have prayed for him to get sober at the meeting and to give him the Gospel while he was lucid, he was so close, but I didn't want to force a confession of faith out of a drunk man.

Could we have handled this better?

I am trusting God, but did we miss an opportunity?

I would value your prayers for Phil and his wife Mave.

And if you have any experiences of giving the Gospel to drunk people I would love to hear them.



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 Re: Praying someone sober

You did just fine. :-) Praise God for that display of patience and love, mixed to comfort one who was drunk and get him home safely to his wife, praise God! What a wonderful act of mercy!

Maybe at another time I'll relate a testamony or two but for now you needed to know you did what was right in the sight of God, and well pleasing in his sight. Be at peace brother.


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 Re: Praying someone sober

she asked if there was any hope for him

This account touched me...

I would value your prayers for Phil and his wife Mave.

We will pray brother.


Mike Compton

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