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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Sometimes things upset the applecart and the status quo - other times God does a number on us and all of our percieved theologies and our idealologies "so to speak - and in a manner of speaking".

You might think you've things all worked out and that things have to go a certain way - but then all of a sudden things get turned on their head - and on their heels ... and the things man has erected begin to crumble and fall.

Jesus told the Jews that he was the Stone - yay the Stone that the present day builders of that generation - had said (NO) to - even though in the end - he becoming the chief corner stone !! With God highly exalting him - and making him to sit down ... on the right hand of the power of Glory. !!

Christians today are very busy, busy going here - and busy going there - doing this and doing that, going to and fro. Yeah Busy planting, busy sowing, busy serving, busy in church programmes, busy in missions and community events - busy with dinners, feasts, and parties of all manner ( ad-infinitum) true ?

In fact we are all so busy today - and we are told to be busy - and thus we are encouraged by all the Pastors of local assemblies to be so. But Beloved how much of it will be wood, hey, and stubble on that final day ??....and how much of it will be Gold, silver, and of precious stones. ??
And What foundation are we buiding on ? - and what aspects of service - will in the end be ultimately recognized and rewarded ? - this should be the critical and all pervading question ??

Jesus told the "lawyers" that they too were busy- busy teaching and instructing those seeking to enter in - that is entering into the kingdom of God. But the result they were effecting was this -"you lawyers - take away the key of knowledge" from the people. Not the giving and increasing of knowledge to the people - but rather subtracting - and taking away instead.

You see the Lawyers were not administrators of legal law as such - but were the percieved and trained professionals of that day in the [law of God ] and the administrators - of the law of Moses.


Yet Jesus rebuked them - for taking away the very key of knowledge ~~ and for hindering genuine people from entering in !! specially that of BABES - AND THE NEW CONVERTS ( interesting )

Which brings me back full circle - to the title of [today's message] - now in Genesis we read of a man called Nimrod, and a community of men who got busy building - but only in the end for it to come to nought - and to come to nothing.


" TOWER OR CITY " This is subject material that almost every man, boy/ girl and every pastor, teacher, lecturer, and Bible student has elaborated on at one point or another in their walk with God. But a more careful read and more fastidious look - clearly reveals the subject material is about their desire and intention to "build a city" - as much as it was - to build them a Tower .... YET the tower thing has taken pre-eminence - and stole the show as it were. we read in (Gen 11:1-9 ) " and they said let us build a " CITY " ... and a Tower.

The tower part is included in the construction project and floor plan - but as for how much was ever finished - we will never know. And the Lord came down to see the " CITY " and the Tower (Verse 8) So the Lord scattered them everywhere, and they left "off" to [Build the "City" ] .... therefore is the name of it called "Babel" because there the Lord confused the language of all the people. The point is - it is as much about their desire to build a "CITY" - as it was the "TOWER". But because the 2nd part of verse four ~~ is very descriptive and makes for good movies and sunday school literature and bed-time story reading. We often don't stop to take a more closer look at what occured. And overlook the unity and oneness factor they sought - and their intention to [ build their own Name ] which was as much the story of Genesis 11 - - as was " the tower to the heavens " thinggy. !!

~~ " MISSING BOOKS " I refer to that of missing books of the Bible of course and there possible where abouts ???

I can recall vividly and remember the first time i read 1 chronicles 29:29 which says " NOW THE ACTS OF DAVID THE KING, FIRST AND LAST, BEHOLD THEY ARE WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF SAMUEL THE SEER, AND IN THE BOOK OF [ NATHAN THE PROPHET ], AND IN THE BOOK OF [GAD THE SEER] and this from 2nd Chronicles 12:15 Rehoboam's acts first and last are found in the [book of Shemaiah] the prophet - and this also from 2nd Samuel 1:18 " behold it is written in the book of [Jasher] " So then - this then begs the question where then are these missing books ? - to both read and examine ?? Now you may have your own views, but my first thought was - ahh Satan hates the word of God - and has sought many a time to sabotage the Word of God....their is my answer. Or perhaps they were destroyed by some God hating atheist of that time and era ??

This then was my first thought and the most likely outcome and conclusion, but i know others will reel off some other yarns relating to dead sea scrolls - or some other theory.

But as i lay upon my bed one evening i began to think otherwise - and i began to ponder how we should not always ... be so trusting of men and that of the theologians out there or that of publishers and seminary professors, or even dare i say it - your typical bible college lecturer.

My view and take on this for what it's worth is these books are not lost - nor are they destroyed, but the names of certain books as they exist today - were changed and took on another book Name. Let me explain if you own for instance a copy of the King James Version - the publishers often say at the beginning of each book - we think this book was ( probably written about the time of 550 B.C ) but they are never sure nor certain - and are presuming to be correct. It is also my view that some of these books as they existed were very small books, but were compressed into [one larger book] perhaps for convience and for printing press requirements of the time, they ultimately became that of just [ONE LARGE BOOK]. So over time then these smaller books were not destroyed !! Nor is it a case of them ( the books ) not being allowed or accepted into the cannon of books - as some people would have us believe - but were rather instead "compressed" - into just one large Book.

~~ " Parables to be read - but never expounded "
I recall being present at a series of meetings on what we know as [eschatology], or the study of "end-time events" or Bible Prophecy. And this Doctor of Divinity and Theologian said - as he was expounding upon the words of Jesus - that the parables of Jesus are not for us to really understand as such, or for us to get into the real nitty gritty - of them. Teaching that they are a mystery as such and not for us to to be understand them. Thus mis-applying the text which declares "the mysteries of the kingdom are not for them to understand, but unto to you it is given to understand ( meaning his own disciples )

Anyway he completely mis-understood what Jesus was driving at - but remained totally adamant the parables are not meant to be understood by us. Now listen closely friends - the intriguing thing was and also going back to my original point - is how [the so called experts of interpretation] take away "the key of knowledge" Furthermore to this he fully expected us to accept his views on not getting deeply into the parables, but then proceeded in the same breadth - to bring forth an "in-depth" verse by verse study and exposition on what the " Man child " from revelation chapter 12 is all about - and what all the imagery and symbols stand for ( hmmmm ) funny how he forbids the understanding of parables, but failed to see his own trying to unravel one of the hardest to be " understood" passages of symolic terminology - in all of the Bible !! To me it is a blatant case of why Jesus condemned the so-called bible experts of his day - Yes they do shut up the kingdom against men, and hinder men from going in - they do the remove the key of knowledge. And do contradiction themselves often in the process - Jesus obseved that they would often (SAY) - but then not (do)

In other words they would contravene themselves with many a anomoly, telling others to obey their words - but then not enforce and apply them to own life ( see matthew 23:3 ) " but do ye not - after their works .... for they SAY, and DO not.

Just one more example of this and im done through here today. A man who is a senior pastor of a large mega style church - preached a fiery sermon on overcoming fantasy lust and targeted the men as having the weakness in this area, he thundered and preached with solemnity ... leaving the congragation in a very sober state afterwards. But then several weeks later during an [on screen church news announcement] - he was the one being interviewed and on the large screen he flippantly joked about a previous television advertisement that he had re-called to his mind. And in it this advertisement - had a famous line about the viewer prefering to gawk at pretty women rather than making people sit through and watch their product range. So in this church news bulletin he was joking to the congregation that they too would rather [watch pretty women] than have to endure his boring on-screen announcements and listen to him rattle of the latest church the which all the people in the congregation laughed at his clever and witty " intuitive joke " from a television ad one-liner. !

And this - after only several weeks prior to that blasting the men about giving into to fantasy lust in the realm of the mind. They say and don't do ....As Jesus said !!!

Have a great day
in the savior

Bro Stephen

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