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 a "big outreach"

A Christian organization I am a part of at my university is planning an outreach at the upcoming conclusion of 40 days and 40 nights of prayer. Here is a segment from the e-mail that went out about this event.

First we will secure a person that will be able to confidently and concisely (about 20 minutes) share the Gospel. With that person all set up, we are planning on making about 200 T-Shirts with the phrase "I agree with " (The Gospel sharer´s name). We would be passing these T-Shirts out via the prayer room and other sourced so we made sure every T-Shirt had a wearer. About a week before the event (on Feb 15th) were to happen, we would begin to wear these shirts every day or almost every day. We would also flyer, chalk, and advertise the phrase "I agree with " to get the campus talking about who this person is. In the advertising we would also mention that this person would be talking about what we agree with on Thurs. Feb. 15th (at our 40th day event). We are hoping to get many non-Christians to be curious and attend.

The event is planned to be held in the League Ballroom from 7pm-10:15pm (due to building closing times). The first section of the meeting would feature a band that would be playing secular music, or simply non-worship music with a good message that would cater to the hopefully large non-Christian crowd. After that band played a few songs, the Gospel sharer whose name everyone has heard about would come up and share the Gospel.

What should my attitude be about this? It seems so gimmicky. I am trying not to be cynical, but it just seems so sad and non-Biblical to trick people into hearing the gospel, let alone try to cater to them with secular music at an event that is supposed to be promoting Jesus. Furthermore, these shirts are going to cost 1000 dollars!

I don't deny that the organizers intentions are to try to bring glory to God and lost sheep home, but what is an appropriate attitude to have about doing it in this manner? Any comments would really help me.


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 Re: a "big outreach"


Use the opportunity to do your best.
In other words invite people or explain to people that the gospel itself will be presented and use that as a springboard to dialogue and proclaim the gospel and your testimony along with it.

I would agree that the description of the events sounds a bit compromised.

But today, our culture has lost a sense of purpose in imparting to every individual Christian a confidence in proclaiming Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to Him.

John 15:26-27 are favorite verses of mine. They describe the Holy Spirit bearing witness to Jesus Christ and how we also in light of the Holy Spirit's witness will 'also bear witness".

John 16:1-8 then describes that compelling and convicting work of the Holy Spirit in the world.

As we share the gospel I believe that we make room for the Holy Spirit to be understood more clearly. Sometimes when people understand it clearly, they react negatively at first. Oh well, that moves us to fervent prayer for ourselves and for those that we witness to as well.

May God bless you and empower and encourage you as a faithful witness and as an example to your brothers and sisters in Christ.


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