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 Doulosquinn repents for his attitude in "woman can not teach"

I am very sorry to everyone offended by my pride, and critical spirit in this forum. I would have liked to put this into the tread but it was locked. I just like being zealous for HIM, and HIS WORD, but I obviously when looking back was very sharp, and contrary. I have been recently diminished in every way, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I don't think I'm going to make it as a Christian. My forhead is like iron, and my stuborn rebellious neck is like bronze/brass. I am a wicked fool. I would how that since GOD used EliJaH to resurect the dead through his bones in the grave that HE would use my death to quicken a real servant.

Especially sorry to roadsign, crsschk, ginnyrose, dorcas, mamaluk

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 Re: Doulosquinn repents for his attitude in "woman can not teach"


I forgive you. I do not think God has given up on you. You are zealous and that is not bad, just let it be Holy Spirit motivated.

All of us at some time or another have done stupid things which we later regret and are very ashamed of. This is life....especially as you grow in knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus' forgiveness and go on.

God bless you, brother. Hope to see more of your posts here in the future.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Doulosquinn repents for his attitude in "woman can not teach"

I don't think I'm going to make it as a Christian.

Oh dear brother...flogging yourself is only another fight with stubborn pride. Instead as you have confessed your sin and more importantly your need for Jesus, accept God's forgiveness. Jesus ever intercedes for us because we need His priesthood! After that humbling act of faith... humble yourself further to fellowship with us who are also like you, having much in common, sharing our same trials and joys...having no desire to be the greatest nor the worst!

How wonderful it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell together in unity!

Grace to you, you are safe here brother.


edit: Was just reading this hymn today...

God of Pity, God of Grace

God of pity, God of grace,
When we humbly seek Thy face,
Bend from Heav’n, Thy dwelling place;
Hear, forgive, and save.

When Thy love our hearts shall fill,
And we long to do Thy will,
Turning to Thy holy hill,
Lord, accept and save.

Should we wander from Thy fold,
And our love to Thee grow cold,
With a pitying eye behold;
Lord, forgive and save.

Should the hand of sorrow press,
Earthly care and want distress,
May our souls Thy peace possess;
Jesus, hear and save.

And, whate’er our cry may be,
When we lift our hearts to Thee,
From our burden set us free;
Hear, forgive, and save.

Mike Compton

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 Re: forgiven

I welcome your apologies, DoulosQuinn, and forgive you!

I don't think I'm going to make it as a Christian.

You certainly aren’t going to make it as a Christian - not in your own strength! It looks like you’ve come to this realization through some pretty hard knocks.

It seems like you are ready to embrace Christ’s forgiveness through HIS new Life – as a free gift. This means humbly surrendering your pride, as MC pointed out, and letting yourself be vulnerable to God’s forgiveness - totally valued and totally loved. With his help, you can you do that. Are you willing?

Someone said, "To participate in forgiveness is to be personally transformed by it.”

You accept his forgiveness, and participate in it by forgiving others. That is by far the best way to be a light for Jesus:

“Forgive one another as God has forgiven you,”

By the way, the door to God’s forgiveness is never locked! But it is not about going back - just about going forward from here! Isn’t that Good News!



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Brother we all still Love you and as Christians Forgiveness should be a given you should not have to ask us for forgiveness, just ask God if you feel you need forgiven and he will forgive you, we all get caught up in these threads like this at one time or another trust me I have but I am working really hard trying to stop getting caught up in them anymore, it does not do "any" of us any good at all. Hey Brother get up dust yourself off and come on home we Love you that's our job.


 2007/1/31 22:19Profile

 Re: Doulosquinn repents for his attitude in "woman can not teach"


I will put it another way for you. I have no clue of who you are, nor have I read anything you have ever posted. I do not know your stance, opinions, beliefs or how faithful you are, but I do know that you just said that you were sorry.

To me, that means everything. Repentence has great power and if it did not, I would not be here today writing to you. Jesus can do anything in anyone, just be patient.

All of us, at times, feel we either have all the right answers, or we feel we have none of the answers. The truth is that we never have either one. All (I hope) of us registered on this site at least believe in one fact, Jesus. We are made stronger in him, we are made better in him, we are made in him.

You say that you have been diminished recently, physically, mentally, and spiritually, but I say what Christian has not? We are to suffer and with each test we are made more like the image of Jesus. Although, my terminology and points are not scriptually backed up, I do know that if we do not suffer, we are not changing. If we are not changing, we are not becoming holy and pure.

You said that you are not going to make it as a Christian, well, with that way of thinking you will not. But stay close and continue to be bold for Jesus and he will make the necessary adjustments and corrections.

Like I said, I do not know you, but you are good in my books, so I guarantee that Jesus thinks more highly of you for admitting your shortcomings. Be patient and share what you know, share what you have experienced, because there are people like me that need wise council from those whom have 'been there'.

Do not give up. Do not let me make the same mistakes you have. Think of me as your little brother that needs your help!

God Bless and Smile...

 2007/1/31 22:22

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Santa Clara, CA


Brother, forgiven.

You say that you have been diminished recently, physically, mentally, and spiritually, but I say what Christian has not?

It is the very proof of being a Christian.
Grace to you, you are safe here brother.

All very well said MC.

Go on through brother, right along with us all.

Mike Balog

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Ann Arbor, MI

 Re: Doulosquinn repents for his attitude in "woman can not teach"


I wasn't a part of the exchange that took place, but my eyes were welling up with tears as I read your apology. What you did was such an awesome thing, and there is something so beautiful about a broken and repentant heart when you have God, and a community of believers to catch you.

This is especially relevant to me, as I too have recently felt at the end of it all in my walk, frustrated by my own pride and sinfulness. What a joy it has been for me to confess that to others, many of whom I don't even know personally, and to just literally feel myself being lifted up by their prayers to a merciful God!

I wish I could give you a big 'ole hug! Thanks for the post. I think we need more humility like that around here!


 2007/2/1 3:15Profile

 Re: Doulosquinn repents for his attitude in "woman can not teach"

Hi DQ,

I really was not offended by that thread you had posted - only a little mystified. However, if the Lord has shown you those things which you mention, and you know you need to apologise, I am touched by your heart to be right with Him, and would put your mind at rest that I hold nothing against you.

I accepted the moderators' decision to lock the thread, but had a revelation which sprang [u]directly[/u] from the meaning of the discussion which had been going on there.

The context is, that I still seek to understand the Lord's heart on the outworking of Galatians 3

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, [b]there is neither male nor female[/b]; for you are all one [u]in Christ Jesus[/u].

29 And if you [are] Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

However, the Lord showed me, I had been resisting to minister to [i]sisters[/i] - despite the apostle's injunction and permission - because of something in my past. As soon as I saw what my attitude had been, I repented before the Lord, and confessed this to brethren and sisters, privately. (I have been intending to post it in a testimony thread, in Miracles.) I know now, my [i]attitude[/i] has been changed for ever.

So, brother, [i][b]take heart[/i][/b] :-) The Lord used your zeal to challenge thinking of which I had not been [u]conscious[/u] through denial.

 2007/2/1 12:22

Joined: 2005/5/2
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In my earlier post I neglected to share some personal thoughts: Frankly, I was not offended by your words, either. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been offended by the manners of males in the past, but those were days was when I didn’t really know who I was in Christ.

Some of our SI men posted words on your thread that I found very healing. I will always cherish them. Of course they would have had no idea of it, but God used it marvelously. And yes, God used your post to cause me to think seriously about some of my own “stuff”.

I’m so excited right now, seeing how God can so masterfully pick up our messes and make good come out of them. I hope you are praising God too.



 2007/2/1 12:38Profile

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