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 Re: MC, Paul, Neil et al


Brothers, think you all have gone to great lengths to do just that here ... This heart can hardly express how edifying that truly is. This whole post could serve as a model towards an understanding of how conversing ... ought to go.

This segment posted elsewhere I think sums up the whole matter quite well;

[url=]A Word about Pride to all but Especially to Ministers of the Gospel[/url]

There is something also that I am struggling mightily to track down ... It was a appealing to a sense of fighting for unity, true, Christ honoring unity, that which would expense ones self to keep the benefit of the other.

Well done brothers.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Should Christians Watch Hollywood Movies?

Hi Jordan

Paul covered this subject in Romans 14:


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 Re: Should Christians Watch Holywood Movies

PaulWest said

I think too many of us just indiscriminately accept these testimonies as something genuinely from the heart of God, [b]when two factors are dubiously missing[/b] that, if they were present, would instantly quell all speculation and verify their alleged assertion, namely: 1. the engendering of holiness in the person claiming to have heard from God, and, 2. the provocation to holiness by those who come in contact with the professed vision.

Hi Paul,

Within the context of this thread, I would have liked you to ask the questions, rather than [i]apparently[/i] assume that I had not questioned myself on the points you mention.

I don't know if it will put your mind at rest for me to claim that certainly in this case, the first is true. Of the second, I can only speak for myself (not other members of the play's audience), that it makes ALL the difference to know that the man who is on his knees at the beginning of the play receiving communion, IS a Christian. I believe him, when Neil says he takes those few minutes to pray for the audience. He also speaks, after the show, to those who wish, and gets a positive reaction to the Christian content. But, this may be from people who think they are ok with God. None of us can judge whether they are or not, and therefore, I think your second test in this particular instance cannot be proved either way.... so far.

As it happens, I had a very bad experience of 'indiscriminately accepting' 'testimonies as something genuinely from the heart of God', many years ago, and it has altered completely, how I 'hear' what is said to me, by those claiming to know the Lord.

Your [i]statement[/i] 'when two factors are dubiously missing', as it relates specifically in this thread to your previous concerns, also seemed to me to stand as an assumption - although perhaps you were not meaning it to sound quite as definite as it does.

I am not sure how you are going to judge - apart from the witness of the Spirit to what ANY of us have written here - whether there is any truth in any of what has been shared. All I can say for myself, is, I personally have been blessed out of measure by the prayers of saints on SI, and both Neil and MC are only two of whom have prayed for me. I don't have a reason to doubt Neil's claims. He is a real person. A real brother in the Lord. He DOES give all the glory to God for the success of this work.

 2007/2/8 16:38

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 Re: secular calling

Hi everyone.

Brother PaulWest, you asked for any thoughts concerning this following and 1Cor 7:20-24 came to mind...

Quite simply: The call, the vox is "Follow me." (Matt. 5:19). The call therefore is not acting (which is how this whole thing started), or fishing, or tentmaking, or baseball, or playwriting, or undertaking - though we can walk worthy of the calling in any one of these areas!

Not even saying it applies exactly but thought it may be helpfull for the consideration. I can't remember exactly who it was, maybe D James Kennedy or R.C. Sproul that I heard talking about the subject of what they called our [i]vocation[/i] as a matter of calling in God. That might be helpfull in looking into the subject?

Hmmm...trying to think of an example to look at from about Esther?


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Your calling is where ever you are at. You are a missionary where ever you are at. You are a deciple of the Lord and that doesn't mean that you have to be a preacher, a board member, an evangelist, etc. to be doing the Lord's work for his glory. To many people just sit in the pew doing nothing because they think that way and they need to be told to go and that is especially where they work.

Some of the pew sitters may end up being an oversees missionary, but until they become a missionary where they are at they'll never get there. What is done needs to be done unto the Lord and if it is cleaning toilets then go do it. What is done for Christ will last and there are no little things with God.

The rebuilt foundation looked small, but the Glory in that small temple was to be greater than the Glory of the previous large temple. That wasn't worldly gold and the appearance of it, that was real Glory.

You don't need a title to be called, the Lord already told you to go into the world and preach the gospel.

Love you all,

Gary Eckenroth

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 Re: MC


Cedar point sounds like fun. (I hope that was an invitation...) Maybe we can make it a dual Father/son least for a day. (I'm not overbearing 8-)) As far as Ripley, it's a small world...


I hope you don't mind me saying this, but beling able to play Bach fugues on a classical guitar is impressive in my book. (Forgive me.) Please consider laying some pieces down in a local studio...not for yourself but for your descendants should the Lord tarry. Such things are as good as pictures to let future family know what kind of man you were. Like your pictures, and letters, a small CD of your music can be a wonderful part of the Godly heritage you leave behind. Bach on a classical guitar is no small accomplishment to encourage your next generation!

Just some thoughts.

Thanks Mike B. Neil has a point: SI is redeeming this corner of the internet. You've had a hard week...but you are loved. It's hard to measure all of the ways your ministry, within and beyond SI, touches all of us.

Perhaps Gary E says it best.

What is done for Christ will last and there are no little things with God.



Mike Compton

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Please consider laying some pieces down in a local studio...not for yourself but for your descendants should the Lord tarry.

Not a bad idea! Maybe a small CD of Bach pieces and send it out [i]gratis[/i] to my SI brothers and sisters as a gift. I can also put some mp3 files on my website.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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this is good way to present the gifts including such many entertainment things

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