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 An ex-junkies first fast

Saturday into Sunday I decided for the first time in my life to seriuosly go on a short fast, because I was once again going to a different church. On saturday night while I was reading an article on the horizon of Christ by Sparks I was attacked spiritually. Paranoia struck me of demonic perportions, the exact paranoia I endured while in my meth and cocaine addictions. I was almost to the point of shutting blinds and checking doors and ducking from windows. I abviosly relise now that the devil does not want me to fast but why such a strong attack? My wife on the same night after dinner with a co-worker was strongly tempted by her co-worker to go to a bar with every excuse in the book. She did'nt thank the Lord. Any way on Sunday the sermon just happened to be on Christs 40 day fast. Coincidence? I highly doubt it. The people I met at the church were all previously in one way or another associated with Art Katz. I should say the ones at the small group we attended last night. One of the men there was born and raised in Israel with an amazing history for he is not a Jew but of a Finnish decent. And the host of the small group is of Jewish decent. I was very much blessed by the fellowship of such a group of believers. Any way; my question is have you ever been attacked in such a way as this? This was no hoax it was the real deal. I mean is this something we should expect when in a fast.

Brother Craig


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 Re: An ex-junkies first fast

my question is have you ever been attacked in such a way as this? This was no hoax it was the real deal. I mean is this something we should expect when in a fast.

Praise God for your obedience to Jesus. As we step into obedience with what the Holy Spirit asks us to do, there will be attacks against us. It happens on a regular basis, although they these attacks may not look exactly the same from person to person.

Have I been attacked by a demonic influence simply because I obeyed what Jesus asked me to do? Yes, absolutely and I've sometimes been knocked down but Jesus has delivered me.

The battle for your soul is very real my friend.

Just to illustrate I'll give you a brief testimony. On Halloween, some teenagers knocked very loudly on my door and left some Satanic things, including a curse. I remember getting angry in my Spirit and saying "Satan the blood of Jesus is against you and took what they had left at the door and put it in a garbage bag and took it outside. A couple of minutes later I heard a very soft knock at the door and there were a group of teenagers who had a terrified look in their eyes. They said sir, we're sorry we left something here by mistake. I went and got it for them.

I realize that this may sound a bit strange and this was the first time I had experienced this type of occurrence.

There's real power in the blood of Jesus.

Blessings to you Brother Craig in the mighty name of Jesus...

Ed Pugh

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