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Would a individual who is a active body builder be a glutton for the amount of protien he or she has to take in every day to maintain muscle mass? I understand a body builder is more inlikely living in sin if they are doing it for show but what of the person who considers it healthy?

Brother Craig


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 Re: A sin too big to ignore.

I forgot to mention, I like the title of this one.

A sin too BIG to ignore!

God bless.

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 Re: A sin too big to ignore...

Frankly enid...

I believe you did not only miss what TJ said, but what I said also. TJ, originally, asked about whether certain sins (gluttony) can be ignored, especially in ministers, pastors, and preachers.

I responded that my PRESENT pastor IS fat. I said that I cannot comment on his final destination in life, but I do SEE that it affects his ministry.

You half agreed with me when you asked if a pastor can preach on the topic when he is a glutton and 'everyone knows it'. But then you went on to state about the mentality of gluttons being fat.

I know this is not true and I am sure a lot of people would agree that at times we are all gluttons. I am only 5'7 and no more than 155lbs. I exercise and am in pretty good shape, but sometimes I over-indulge. Am I a glutton? I am not sure, but the sure true sign of a glutton is FAT. That is a fact.

My pastor is fat and I am sure it is not because he breaths 'heavier air' than I do. He gets that way, one way only; food! As I mentioned, his 11 year old son looks just like him, Fat. However, his three other children are not, because they are older and take care of themselves.

A lot of Korean wives, including my fiancee, thank God, take care of their husbands, so, we are always well fed. My fiancee or her mother cooks for me almost everyday, or at least prepares something for me to eat for another day. I told my fiancee to make sure I do not eat too much, but in reality it is my responsibility to not lift my hand to my mouth.

Come on... it is about balance. Someone mentioned the weight trainer who is able to eat loads of food. Is he a glutton? No. Although, he may have an issue with God about being too proud of himself, I do not think his eating is the problem. He balances his food intake with exercise.

When I played university football (yes, at my size!), I ate so much, along with every other football player, but I did not gain weight, because it was balanced with 3 workouts a day. Was I a glutton then? No.

enid, as for fasting. I know fat people can fast, but my point is that it is hard to listen to a pastor preach about it when he is fat. I do not know if he is a glutton, but I do know he is fat. Can you truly say that you feel sorry for a fat person who complains about being hungry?

The longest I fasted for was 6 days. Not long I know, but when I have students who say, "teacher, I'm hungry" and they are fat or skinny, I have little sympathy for them, especially, after I ask when they had their last meal. They are complaining about hours, not days, without food. Remember Africa?!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out what I meant, so that you do not misunderstand. What is see each and every morning is the truth. He would be better if he took care of his body. We are not just souls, we have a body and it is our temple.

God Bless and Be Healthy...

 2007/1/31 17:35

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