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 some preachers

theres something about some of the preachers on this site...

...something that draws me to listen to them more than the others.

Theres something about listening to them that causes me to desire to be holy...

...and to be wholly His,

that causes me to draw near to God.

is it the authority they seem to posses as they preach?

maybe the boldness with which they take the word of God and preach with such conviction?

their high standards?

sure. it's all these things and yet...

there is something more, something greater...

i seen it when i met Keith Daniel for the first time, just standing in his presence there was something about him...

it was Jesus. i saw Jesus in him.

i see Jesus in these men, the glory of God radiates from their lives.

hearing the Word of God from these men i feel in a way like i'm learning from Jesus.

they know Him.

i know him.

i feel an attraction to those who know Him.

their heart reaches mine, the Spirit is there.

some men may teach nice truths, give out a lot of good information, but theres nothing in them that reminds me of my Saviour. they may as well be a salesman, a lot of information, might even help me out. but he doesn't reach my spirit.

i thank God for these godly holy men, those who are surrendered vessels, fit for the masters use.

 2007/1/30 16:42Profile

 Re: some preachers

Thats what has always drawn me to Keith Green... an imperfect man who shown Jesus more than most...


 2007/1/30 17:02

 Re: some preachers

You're blessed Brother >;')

I was converted while listening to a sermon by Tozer in which he said the Holy Spirit enters into some people and not into others - and that Jesus' sheep would recognize His Voice, but the goats would not.

I never heard anyone preach in the Spirit before Tozer, but hearing someone say what I felt inside... Well, I recognized the Truth immediately (and was on the kitchen floor weeping).

Be thankful we're sheep >;')

 2007/1/30 18:51

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