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Well I work for a Christian ministry that chargest money for our services (what I can't say to our customers is that in 39 years we haven't turned a profit... our goals are usually based on how much we can afford to lose per year).

I understand that some Christian educational material is priced so that they can pay for the cost of production, but I also know that some is priced to make a profit. The hardest part is discerning which is the case!

In the case of this audio cd, I really can't see myself paying 29.99, partly because I don't have that kind of expendable money (that's more than I spend on food for a week). But more importantly because I own a copy of the book, and my imagination is usually better than someone else's interpretation! Plus as I mentioned before, the book only cost 42 cents!

I really can't justify spending another 30 dollars on something I already own. Also, for the same price I could get all those KP Yohannan 'Walking with Jesus' books that I've wanted!

Ian Smith

 2007/1/31 17:56Profile

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