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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast Rise up out of the midst of it, this Beast having lo - seven heads, and lo this Beast had ten horns, and upon those horns ten Crowns.... and upon the heads
"The name of - BLASPHEMY" [Rev 13:1]

Scripture enlightens us - of a soon to come World Dictator - however to the inhabitants of the world at that time, and to whom they follow, he is not percieved as a Dictator....but as their hero, and he is hero worshipped !

And they " WORSHIPPED " the dragon which gave powers to the Beast; and they WORSHIPPED the Beast

Saying words to this effect " Who is like unto the BEAST ? and furthermore who is able to stand up to him - and to make any kind of war against him ?

And ALL that dwell upon the earth ( all ) shall WORSHIP him !! .... Whose names are not written - in the book of life.

When this Man makes his appearance and comes onto the scene - it is a World take over, he commands and gets "Centre Stage"

Multiplied millions follow him, multiplied millions will believe in him, and yet multiplied millions will and shall - worship him.

Christ Jesus was the - Son of God - upon the earth
The Anti-christ is called the - Son of perdition -

As Christ Jesus was known as the Son of Man
The Anti-christ is known as the Man of sin

As Christ's ministry was in duration of about 3yrs
The Man of sin's reign on the earth is 3.5 yrs
( Rev 13:5 ) and power was given unto him to CONTINUE forty and two months.

Many now do speculate and say lo he ariseth from Europe, still others say no he ariseth from the United states, yet others predict Asia and or the middle east region.... But John however says this about him - that he saw him rising up out of the sea and ascending from a bottomless pit. [rev13:1, rev 11:7 ) And the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit, shall make war against them ( that is the two witnesses ) and shall overcome them and kill them.

What do we know about him then is he a Dictator, a warrior, a manipulator, and world conqueror ?

Hollywood movies would like to persuade us to believe he is born of woman and delivered of woman's womb. ( true or false brethren ) ?

Daniel the prophet informs us that he is the personification of all these things: He is militant, valiant, defiant, and a world tyrant.

He is definitely charismatic, autocratic - totalitarian and authoritarian, he is not democratic but - despotic.

And he is not a republican, a democrat, a monochist nor either a communist.

But he does rise to great power, and command centre stage- WORLD STAGE, with promises of peace ( world peace ), and we are told that the great Red Dragon gives him his seat, power and unprecedented AUTHORITY.

Moreover he weaves his sinister web and spell in [CONJUNCT POWER] with a little horn - known in scripture as the - " false prophet "

There you have it folks a diabolical "unholy trinity" of EVIL ....COMPRISING OF THREE LEADING FIGURES.
1) The Anti-christ
2) The false prophet
3) The Great red dragon

Seizing and taking over the world with a dominion that no other man has laid hold off before - many have tried to conquer the known world as it existed, but none like this man - when he takes over.

Takeover with the following ... WORLD Government, World police, and world military might !!

A man who will oppose and exalt himself above all religions, and all faith's - be it wether they be moslem, hindu, christian, mormon, buddhist, jehovah's witness, seventh day, world council of churches, and yay even that of the assemblies of God.

:-( Yea Jesus had this warning to the INHABITANTS OF Jerusalem " when you therefore shall see the [abomination of desolation] - spoken of by daniel the prophet [ stand in the holy place] then gat you up yourselves, and flee ye to the mountains - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES - when you see the holy city, and that of Jerusalem encompassed about [by armies], let him that is upon the housetop not come down to take away his goods with him - on that day, and pray ye also that your flight {to safety} be not on the -sabbath day !! [ end quote ] FAMOUS WORDS INDEED !



He will stamp, break, and devour the residue with his feet !

Daniel descibed him as the beast "DIVERSE" - from the other 3 beasts before him, who fell - and having a MOUTH that speaks very great things, and having a LOOK that is MORE stout than his fellows

FURTHERMORE HE SHALL utter great words against the Most High - and shall wear out the saints.

John known as the revelator and author of that great last book ~~ said this of him " He opens his mouth in BLASPHEMY against GOD ( friends this is all out war against God and against his people ) to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and those who live in heaven.

and it will be permitted of him to do this ~~ to make WAR with the saints, and to overpower them.

His counterpart meanwhile the false prophet is out there performing miracles - and decieving the world by means of those miracles, which he had power to execute in the sight of the beast. In fact he the false prophet - doeth great wonders insomuch that he calls down fire from the skies and heavens above - setting up an image to the beast [ funny thing is this image can talk and speak ...and yet it is just an image of him ]and he then demands - that fall down to it, or otherwise be put to death ( no compromise ) you bow or you burn !!

And the number of this man who takes world stage is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred, three score and six.

God bless the saints of the Most High

This man that is the false prophet will convince and persuade the world to accept a mark in their right hand and in their foreheads - and with no man being able from henceforth to exchange or to transact money - with-out having this mark upon them. !

Bro Stephen

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