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You are absolutly right in how long jeans have been worn. When I was a child going to school, boys wore jeans but never to church. This was a garment worn to school, to work in the fields, to do the chores like feeding the animals, the chickens, the hogs. When you came in from doing these tasks, you cleaned up - not take any showers, there were no showers then and baths were only taken once a week, needed or not!:-P Back then the wearing of tees was underwear. Today it is worn as an outer garment! {{sigh}}

Many modern will also wear loose 'jeans' (or what are they called?) and you wonder if they are going to fall down and expose themselves? So if a person dressed like that is in front of me, I keep getting concerned about see I am a mom and moms worry about properiety.

Modesty....many today have no clue what is and do not care to know. Any suggestion is met with derision which will also earn you the label of being a legalist. {{sigh}}


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Rules to Appropriate Worship?

Whilst this thread is about both music and clothing, I'll deal only with clothing for now.

When God gave instructions to Moses about the priestly garments for Aaron and his sons, it was for them to come before God in.

They changed into these garments when ministering in the tabernacle, and removed them when they had finished.

Whilst we might think some garments are okay for church, and some are not, we have to go by our convictions, by the word of God, and not the opinion of others.

How is it that people can go to church looking shabby and homeless, and do so for the glory of God?

How is it God gets the dregs of our appearance, because, after all, it's only church, it's not as if we are meeting anyone important?

In Malachi 1v7-8, God is telling the people they are offering Him defiled food, the blind, the lame, the sick.
He then says, offer it then to your governor.

In other words, they think more of the governor, president, king, queen, than they do of God.

Still, if you're okay with your way of dressing, with no conviction, good.

Romans 14v23, He who doubts is condemned if he eats, because he does not eat from faith, for whatever is not from faith is sin.

Whilst that scripture speaks concerning food, it concludes with saying 'whatever is not from faith is sin'.

Let us be settled in our mind that whatever we do we do with a clear conscience.

God bless.

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I had said before that I believe there's a time and a place for dressing up. But it's only necessary because of the fact that we (humans) tend to judge a person by looks. If a group of people can't listen to an evangelist because he's not dressed up enough, it would be better for him to simply dress up. But when it comes to worship- where you have to dress a certain way, perform a certain way, with only certain types of music... It's a performance!

I talked with our pastor about this the other night. He explained some of the reasoning behind the rules as they now stood. Mostly, they came from the some of the more elderly in the church complaining that "that song seemed too fast", etc. Basically, because of difference of opinions, the pastor was willing to "lay down the law" on those issues. Unfortunately, I believe he did it without biblical basis. When tradition or preference becomes law, you're starting to head down a scary path.

This isn't something worth splitting a church over, as sometimes happens. It's sad in my opinion, but cultural preferences have a tendency to clash. We ended up asking our music leader to take me and my wife's names off of the "special music" list.

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Well done, Enid and Ginnyrose and Diedtoself and Jennrich.Whether we like it or not, God set the highest standards for the clothing of his priests, and we are all His priests under the New Covenant. We are not our own. We have been bought with a price and we are to glorify God in our bodies. So it matters to God the way that we dress. Let`s get rid of this slovenliness in our services and meetings. God deserves the very best, and nothing less.
Of course, we should welcome people, whatever they are wearing, but it is also our responsibility to hold up God`s standards, and tell people what our thrice holy God, who is a consuming fire, deserves and demands. As has been mentioned, if we were going to meet a president or a king, we would, I trust, dress in our very best clothes, and rightly so. How much more does the King of Kings deserve the very, very best, especially from those who publicly minister in music or speech?
It isn`t a matter of wearing particular clothes, but of wearing our very best clothes, not working clothes, whatever they are.
The situation is made worse by the fact that many of the people in our churches wear really nice clothes when they go to work, to please their boss,but dress in a very casual way when going to church services, showing that they think more of their earthly bosses than they do of our Eternal God. What incredible disrespect this is.
Ginny is right in saying that this slapdash, irreverent way of dressing in any old clothes for worship is a demonstration of the rebellion against authority that has taken place over the past decades, exemplified in sayings such as "I will dress as I want, and nobody is going to tell me what to wear,"etc. Such attitudes are a million miles away from the true Christian attitudes of self denial, thinking of others before yourself, not doing anything to offend others and, above all, doing only what pleases Him.

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As I stated earlier, I certainly agree with the essence of what those rules were trying to accomplish. Modesty is certainly a necessity -- particularly when certain individuals use their "freedom" to include selfish immodesty or reckless abandon. The same large Church fellowship that required ornate choir robes and tuxedos for musicians had many youth wearing extremely short skirts and shorts! The pastor finally put his foot down (so to speak) and asked parents to guard their children -- protecting them from causing sin in others.

As for jeans, please don't confuse "loose fit" from merely "loose" jeans. My jeans certainly fit me. However, they are loose in the same manner as more expensive pants. They do not hang down or expose myself. Please do not misunderstand that I am attempting to justify my own habits of dress or propriety. I stand confident before the Lord that I dress in modesty and decency.

I suppose one of the great fallacies within the Church today is the concept of a building as a temple, sanctuary or tabernacle. Some believers treat a "Church building" as if it were particularly holy. It is no more holy than our houses. It is brick, mortar, timber and tile. The veil was rent in two. The presence of God's Spirit is no longer "confined" to a "house of worship." Remember, the Lord said, "[i]Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father[/i]" (John 4:21). I am amazed at the individuals that treat the building as if God confined himself there. If we lived with the knowledge that God resides WITHIN US everywhere we go -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- then we might be less willing to glorify a building.

Our bodies are indeed the temple of the Holy Spirit. The original temple was adorned with specificities such as cedar and gold. The New Testament warns against such outward adornment (I Timothy 2:9-10; I Peter 3:3-4). Instead, both Paul and Peter urge inner propriety of the [u]heart[/u]. We are no longer bound by the Levitical requirements of the law -- even for musicians.

I urge believers to approach the concept of modesty, propriety in dress and propriety within a local Church outside of a distinctly western perspective. Much of what is incorporated as western "Church propriety" is taken from the pagan origins of the Roman traditions. Such traditions treated Church buildings as "holy sanctuaries" -- while many true believers were secretly meeting in homes and forests. There are believers around the world that are still forced to meet in secret places because of persecution -- just like the early Church. Do they "dress up in their Sunday best" when they meet together?

As I stated earlier, MODESTY is key. However, such modesty is not limited to a Church building. It is part of our character throughout our lives.



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