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 I can't seem to change colours, Bold etc


I haven't been able to get my text to change. Blocking the required section and then clicking on Bold, Italics, Font, Colour etc should be the way, shouldn't it??? Except nothing happens. HMTL is enabled.

I also have trouble sometimes with smileys. Sometimes they refuse to appear at all (though enabled). More often they appear at the bottom of what I'm writing instead of where I place the curser.

Perhaps I should read the introductory stuff, but wondered if there's a simple explanation.


Jeannette :-?

 2007/1/28 15:28

Joined: 2006/9/21
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 Re: I can't seem to change colours, Bold etc

I am no expert on the software nor an HTML expert so my explanations may be a little stilted. It doesn't work in the way you suggest like a typical word processing package; it seems to work only if you type the text in the box between the [u]u[/u] and ADD button and then select the format you want. The entry is always made at the end of what you have typed. You can cut and paste it to the place you want it later, or, which is what I do, is type an X in the format I want and cut and paste the symbols [ b] and [ /b] (I have added a space, otherwise this just bolds the 'and') to the right place before and after the text I want to format; don't forget to delete the 'X'. I think once one is proficient one can just type the symbols [b] etc as you go along, but I haven't learnt them yet.

Hope that helps and looking forward to seeing lots of [color=CC6600]colorful[/color] posts from you in future. 8-)


 2007/1/28 17:25Profile

 Re: I can't seem to change colours, Bold etc

Thanks Mike, not time to try that out just now, but your reply deserves an acknowledgement :).

Other forums (fora?) I've browsed in seem to use the standard blocking method.

Any clues on the problem of the stubborn smileys? Oh, just managed to put one in the right place - the first time its happened, and I didn't do anything different from before... No, htis one appeared at the bottom as usual. let's try by typing the smiley symbol instead of clicking on it :-o... Yes that works. Mmmm :-o

Thanks again


 2007/1/31 18:22

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