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 Those Glorious Boys on Horseback

This gave me a jolt. There's just somthing so elemental, so pure, so [i]right[/i] about the early Methodist saddleback preachers that always floors me, spiritually. As far as I'm concerned, these guys were the true pioneers of colonial and frontier America, not the Continental Army or Ben Franklin's conusumate diplomacy or Col. Muster and Grant. I think us guys living in the "New World" need to be reminded every so often of that - especially since we proport to labor under the same banner as our antiquated brothers on horseback did.

- Brother Paul

Peter Cartwright (1785-1872) described the life of the early Methodist circuit rider. He wrote in his autobiography:

"A Methodist preacher, when he felt that God had called him to preach, instead of hunting up a college or Biblical Institute, hunted up a hardy pony, and some traveling apparatus, and with his library always at hand, namely, a Bible, Hymn book, and Discipline, he started, and with a text that never wore out nor grew stale, he cried, 'Behold, the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world.' In this way he went through storms of wind, hail, snow, and rain; climbed hills and mountains, traversed valleys, plunged through swamps, swollen streams, lay out all night, wet, weary, and hungry, held his horse by the bridle all night, or tied him to a limb, slept with his saddle blanket for a bed, his saddle-bags for a pillow. Often he slept in dirty cabins, ate roasting ears for bread, drank butter-milk for coffee; took deer or bear meat, or wild turkey, for breakfast, dinner, and supper. This was old-fashioned Methodist preacher fare and fortune."

Not only did the preacher face physical hardship, but often he endured persecution. Freeborn Garrettson (1752-1827) wrote of his experience:

"I was pursued by the wicked, knocked down, and left almost dead on the highway, my face scarred and bleeding and then imprisoned." No wonder most of these preachers died before their careers had hardly begun. Of those who died up to 1847, nearly half were less than 30 years old. Many were too worn out to travel.

What did they earn? Not much in dollars. Bishop Asbury expressed their reward when he recruited Jesse Lee, "I am going to enlist Brother Lee. What bounty? [i]Grace here and glory hereafter, if he is faithful, will be given[/i]."

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: Those Glorious Boys on Horseback

All for "Grace here and glory hereafter"

Amen Brother. I needed that.

Can you recommend any books on this subject?

God bless



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 Re: Those Glorious Boys on Horseback

Thanks for the reminder...

Tuesday evening we saw a Power-Point presentation of mission work in the mountains of Haiti. The physical conditions are awful there. After seeing this I became aware that the only reason Americans - who are accustomed to all the creature comforts we consider essential - would want to go there, endure such inconveniences is because they are called by God and that they love people. (Haiti is a country which is dedicated to the devil. Its soil is not productive, little or no wildlife, no worms in the soil.....contrast this with Israel!)

Anyhow, excellent read, PaulWest.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Those Glorious Boys on Horseback

Wow. That's staggering that these men had such a burden for the Gospel to go forth that they went forward at such costs!
Please allow me as a sister to encourage the men on this forum (no matter what your age is) that have this same burden to preach the Gospel to press on, press on, press on! Don't give up at the obstacles that seem to loom up in front of you; use them as stepping stones to press on!
Live with eternity in view. Robert M. M'Cheyne often signed his letters with a setting sun and the words, [i]'The night cometh'[/i].

Thank you, brother Paul, for sharing this. Amazing. It reminds me of Robert Sheffey, circuit riding preacher in Virginia in the 1800's. Have you read about him or seen the dramatization on his life that Bob Jones University did?

 2007/1/26 21:21

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 Re: Those Glorious Boys on Horseback

God uses female missionaries as well. Corrie Ten-Boom, Hannah Hurnard, Heidi Baker and many more.


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 Re: Peter Cartwright

Can you recommend any books on this subject?

Here is a great online book that a saint brought to my attention some time back;
[url=]Autobiography of Peter Cartwright [/url]

The whole site, from where this is dervied,
[url=]Lincoln/Net [/url]

Mike Balog

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