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We would very much like to continue sharing some of the many witness encounters that we have experienced over recent years, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because an estimated 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7,000 an hour!


Summer 2006 I did a 'witness walk' with Lizzie my dog (please see my testimony for her pic) in our local city. It was hot. I found a Salvation Army teashop to rest and used the opportunity to witness to the volunteers, for as of yet, I've still to find any of these 'social workers' do any real street outreach. I was not wrong. I asked questions about the Sally Army, like if they witnessed to these people sitting around the tables. One of two men I had engaged in conversation, said in a horrified voice: "Oh no, we don't witness to them, not unless they ask us, we just serve them tea and biscuits.”

They liked my tracts though and I gave them an assortment and hints on how they could witness, i.e. leave on tables etc. Whilst talking to them a man was standing nearby, leaning against the wall listening to everything we said. I was about to go when he stopped me and asked about my faith.

Well an hour and cup of tea later, we had covered the Spanish Inquisition, Dante and other political and intellectual material that I could not answer. (I was not aware of the good person test that I use now) so I was hopelessly out of depth. I showed him various tracts, he asked for one of each - I spoke of Jesus Christ being the only Way. I shared a few Scriptural verses with him and told him I would pray for him and ended it there. I asked where he lived and to my surprise, in my home town! Just moved there he said. Eric and I departed, him with my mobile number and me with an inward skip of delight at witnessing and thanking God for this encounter (wasn't very successful mind you) with this enquiring middle-aged articulate and intellectual man.

Months went by and early/mid Autumn 2006 I bumped into Eric at the local boatyard - there he was playing classical music alongside the riverboats on an electric organ! (So intelligent and talented and yet could not grasp the Gospel.) He was as shocked, surprised and pleased as I was. He lived on a boat. He invited me and my husband to a little get-together he was having in the boatyard late afternoon with other 'inhabitants.' As my husband (unbeliever) was off sailing himself I decided to accept the invite. It would give me another chance to talk to Eric. I returned later that day, a little early, but there was hardly a guest there.

The opportunity didn't materialise to talk to him as some passing cyclists were invited to partake of a glass of wine or spirits (which I declined of course), so after half an hour I decided to leave when the cyclists mounted their bikes on the public footpath, having said goodbye to Eric. I handed out Bible tracts to them. Doing so, Eric became extremely annoyed, grabbed me from behind, into a 'bear-hug' to stop me. "Don't ruin my party", he said. As I have arthritis, I told him to let go as he was hurting me. The bikers were on the public highway, no longer at his 'party', I said. He apologised for hurting me. I accused Eric of being one of the Devil's agents. He was very hurt at this and denied being so. The cyclists looked most bemused by all this! Not surprisingly I was asked to leave.

Another month went by and I was buying produce at a local 'secret fruit/veg garden.’ A place hardly known to the public. Who was there?....Eric! He asked could we meet?, same time, same place the next week. He "wanted to talk" to me again! Sadly, he never turned up - and I never give up!

We're bound to meet again in my small market town but God willing he will be willing to hear the Truth about Jesus and the Gospel.


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