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If a person holds this view privately they are entitled to believe what they will, but if a person brings such a belief into the public forum he must be prepared to be challenged, for the public's sake.

Absolutely, and I didnt say he shouldnt be challenged publicly. I just dont think that it should be done in the manner that it was... unless the offender continues on in there error.

I dont think we start out by screaming "Ichabod!".... and then stoning the person.


 2007/1/23 12:00


No one can argue with the Word of Almighty God

...altho many try! lol

Welcome aboard! Blessings to you...


 2007/1/23 12:02

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i have asked this as have some others and nobody has yet to tackle it.

why is it then that in the Ethiopian Church and Eastern Churches that these books on which the called is based are canon scripture there? i know God was/is not ignorant of this so is it us who are missing out on something or is it that our brothers in the east are misled?

perhaps someone could explain this discrepancy?

to me the called doesn't go against scripture. perhaps someone could read it and point out where it does if it does?

Farai Bamu

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 Re: No one can argue with the Word of Almighty God.

Yeah, I made that statement. Many do try to argue with the Word of God. However, it always stands.
It's funny how us humans think we can outsmart God sometimes, isn't it? I've been there before. Sometimes we humans get so full of ourselves we can't see the truth.
It's like when satan thought he was more powerful than God and was thrown out of heaven. satan became full of pride and thought he could outsmart God. However, "Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18
People had better watch out. I try to warn them for love's sake. It's their choice to listen. It's their choice to submit to God. There's no sense in getting angry over it. God is in control and He will always be Almighty God. "God won't help those who won't help themselves." We just simply have to pray for them.


 2007/1/23 12:56Profile


to me the called doesn't go against scripture. perhaps someone could read it and point out where it does if it does?

I havent read it. However, just because a writing doesnt contradict scripture doesnt mean it is inspired as the scripture is inspired.

 2007/1/23 13:31


"God won't help those who won't help themselves."

Hey! Thats my favorite scripture! ;-) [i](Tongue firmly planted in cheek)[/i]


 2007/1/23 13:33

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 Re: This is a bunch of BLASPHEMY!

What saddens me is that many of you here on the forum automatically believe any new doctrine or idea you hear without even looking into it first. This guy comes along with his "new secret books" and everyone is already accepting every word he says. Satan comes in the form of an angel, I hope you know this. If God had other books out there, they would have been included with the 66 books in the Bible. Unless of course this man had ONLY a vision from the Holy Spirit. That's different, but he claims about other books which aren't included in the Bible. Okay Rahman, I apologize for being so rough on you to begin with. I've just heard of so many so called "lost gospels" and "lost books" that many people try to bring blasphemy to the name of the Lord. That's what has me concerned/

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Enoch is quoted in Jude though...just a point

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Hi DREi ...

Since this discussion is already taking place on ...

"THE CALLED" - by Rahman Reuben ... Chapters 1 to 3 ...

i'll not be dividing my responses between it and your new thread ... But i will post this my reply to you here ...

Blasphemy is serious ... Since you know me guilty of such please pray for me that our Lord will deliver me from such ...

Blessings in Christ Jesus! ... :-D ---

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wouldent you agree that many writen things outside the Bible is inspired?

by that i dont meen i want to make it canon.
but wouldent one say Martin Luthers writings was inspred? or John Wesleys? i could make the list long.... i belive they where all inspired by God but i dont want to make them canon,,, but they are good for reading and studying, so are some other books like the book of enoch, i havent read it myself but heard there is some very intresting things in there that can be "related" to what is in the bible,

im just saying there is much "inspired" writings,


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