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 Re: He has told me to always speak the truth and reflect HIS radient light. HE has told me that HE h

My family and I are on the same page you brothers and sisters are. I live near the minneapolis area and my nearest true fellowship is now a missionary in India. Pray that eyes will soon be opened to the deception in the church!!


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Charles H Holston

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I meant the Denomination joke part corey. :)

Sean Hobson

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 Re: They rejected our Lord also.

When I rose from my bed this morning, I began a new day knowing that my plan for today is to do my duty in service of The Kingdom to stand. I stand in opposition to all idolatry which is the doing of right and wrong in your eyes and teaching others from any source other than the will of God found in His Holy Word The Bible. I searched the scriptures and they are they which testify of Jesus. I seek Him not honour from men that I might have life.
I seek growth and maturity each day in every precept of God’s Word but not by the wisdom of the flesh. We all sound like Job’s friends and the real nightmare is being surrounded by Job’s friends and not being able to hear the Holy Spirit. What ever good I do in my walk on the earth I do in service of The Heavenly Kingdom and the only reward I seek is to be pleasing to my Father and to follow His Son the Risen Glorified Christ. His yoke is not heavy. My yoke is not like the yoke of bondage that is imposed on them that serve the creature and eat of the tree of good and evil and are wise in their own eyes. I eat of the Tree of Life, the spirit of Jesus and drink of His spirit of living water and I walk in hope and not in the vanity of my own wisdom.
Christians are a peculiar stiff neck people. By faith we are passing through the water of separation [present reality]. We are being regenerated by the Word of God. From prideful, covetous, and worldly flesh to spiritual children. We seek after spiritual gifts, love and charity that produce works wrought by God from the beginning. We do not claim any merit or self righteousness. We are sinners, men and women as pertaining to the flesh but by the grace of Almighty God we wait in hope that we too will shine forth as reincarnated born again spiritual sons not by the will of man or by the will of the flesh but by the will of our Spiritual Father.
We are called to love Christ who is the Great I Am, who lived and died in the flesh and rose again and was glorified by His Father in heaven and earth. He comes as a thief in the night to those who seek Him. I know Him in the spirit and He is present in me and teaches me daily in the Tabernacle of The Living God, which is my heart. The Ark of the New Testament is my testimony that lives in my heart and it proceeds me as the Ark of the covenant proceeded the children of Israel in the wilderness.
The laws of God are ministered to me continually by the High Priest of the New Testament. I am no longer under a school master, unlearned and unstable and I do not wrest with the scriptures. I am not a child who although they are heirs to all have only a servants reward. When we overcome worldliness [present reality] we have the inheritance of The Spirit of Truth in the tabernacle of our hearts to teach us I subject my will on earth to His and am under His dominion. He leads me in the war of the spirit and the flesh and the spiritual victories that I win are made possible by the faith i have in our Lord. The Holy Spirit purged my spirit from the adulteress spirit that trusted in my flesh. Christ Jesus came to each of us individually and garnish our spirit with love for God and love and charity for our fellow man. I do not stumble in darkness, but through faith in Him that fights for me, i already have the victory. By faith and the Grace of God I have the liberty that is in those who are in Christ Jesus, the First Begotten Son.
I am in His rest [Sabbath] I have answered the knock at the door of our Lord. I have welcomed Him in and he shut and sealed the door and I am hid in our Lord and His will. He teaches me not to go out side the will of God to do the works of the flesh mind again. I fight off the attacks of our old nature with its demons of antichrist that tries to return. The Word Of God teaches me to stand in opposition to all idolatry. My prize is for my quickened spirit to be wed to Jesus’s spirit and counted in the Kingdom of God and written in the Lamb’s book of life. My old spirit is dead and I am no longer counted in the number of that Mystery Spirit that Great Harlot of Babylon the spirit of the world of flesh. The babble and the lies of the world of flesh idolatry. Now the Holy Spirit pours out on me. I am His servants and I am hidden in His heavenly [ spiritual ] body which to me is Paradise. Not the world, Jesus came in Judgement to the world and is stamping out the grapes of wrath which I was one. By the grace of God I am a new bottle and contain a new wine [ spirit ]

A unprofitable servant only doing what is my duty. Freely received and freely given Eddie


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 Re: Dream of Apostasy - Prophetic Warning - Judgment is HERE!

Re: Questioning

Mike Balog quoted
'Two words for you ... "Wheat" and "tares" (Mat 13:24-30,36-43)'

Then wrote

That was all that was needed, to stop my hesitation. I do not want to qualify this other than [i]test all things[/i].

In both this, and the Parable of the Sower, the field is the world. Both have to be received in their most appropriate context.

In the first parable, and enemy sowed tares in a field where God's people were already sown. Surely this goes back to the earliest days of the Church, and it throws up the contrast between those who believe, and those who do not (as I understand it, because those who do not believe, will be gathered up to be burned completely).

In the second parable, the discussion is about the ground of one's heart, and what grows from it, and, whether one resists the cares of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches, in order to bear even more fruit, by faithful perseverance in the truth. This is a straightforward comparison between Christians.

Ever considered that this may be just such a thing? Something that tickles the ears of the 'remnant'?

While this is a fair warning to us not to follow men rather than God, isn't there a contradiction in [i]your[/i] terms here, just one skepticism too far? I mean, if this IS a word to 'the remnant', then these are they who ARE going to be saved in the last day, and we simply cannot dismiss it in the same terms as the false prophecies being given in the 'peace, peace, when there is no peace' category, with which it must be compared.

There is also the matter of the witness of the Holy Spirit. Josef is far from the first to come to SI to post having had a deeply disturbing dream in which he KNOWS it was God speaking to him. Don't you think that EVERYone (that is, every true believer, who really DOES know the Lord), who has this sort of dream or vision goes through just a [i]tiny[/i] bit of bringing it to the Lord and settling their own heart and mind before they launch it out on to the world stage? Don't you think they are concerned for the credibility of God Himself, and their own eternity, should they be misleading THE CHURCH?

I really [i][b]do[/b][/i] understand, having been through my own very long slow loop, that your trust has been shaken by the grounding in false doctrine to which you were exposed as a young Christian, but, we both have to see this as part of the Lord's own dealing with us, to bring us through to a completely secure salvation in Himself - to enable Him to shake out [i]all[/i] the dross of assumption and worldly conditioning which preceded [i]even[/i] our salvation.

While 'test all things' may always be a relevant injunction, I'm concerned that whether it is a 'strong' word, or a tentative word, you offer [i]too[/i] much resistance to 'the' word which comes through the charismata as they (are supposed to operate) in [i]the[/i] Body of Christ (as we find Him demonstrating His life in us here), when there is clear witness from not a few.

So, I'm beginning to wonder how you, personally, ever decide that it's ok for God to speak to someone else through the operation of the gifts of the Spirit, even if He has not spoken that word to you personally, through that operation of the gift given to another?

Is there a time when you accept the operation of the [i]organism[/i] of the Body of Christ in SI, and if so, please would you also come back and post when you finally come to a settlement in your own heart, that a word [u]has[/u] been from God, which you have questioned?

I ask this in all sincerity, because while the newborn ARE just babes, they are also in need of support and encouragement as they spread their spiritual wings and fly in the Spirit as the new creation they have become, and there IS a point at which it is counter-productive to their growth and development, to be continually questioned, every time they have the apparent misfortune in God, to have a prophetic ministry.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14 (NKJV)
29 Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge.

Now, I know it doesn't clearly say 'and let the other [u]prophets[/u] judge', but there may be something in the Greek (help anyone?) which clarifies whether 'others' is directly related to 'prophets', or really could mean to include even those who don't have that gift.

30 But if [anything] is revealed to another who sits by, let the first keep silent.

This would mean that all these verses are about prophecy only, 'revealed to another', therefore meaning 'revealed to another prophet'.

I have no idea if this is how I first heard this passage expounded, or, if this is just the sense it makes to me in the Spirit, but, I think it might help to settle your confusion if you looked into this, especially in light of the next couple of verses, and the way they are tied into the Revelation of Jesus to John.

31 For you can [u]all[/u] prophesy one by one, that [u]all[/u] may learn and all may be encouraged.

I take this 'all my learn and all may be encouraged', as a reference to the way God speaks to our immediate need of understanding on a day-to-day basis as we walk on with Him. I have NEVER thought it was about prophecy in the remit of the Old Testament prophets, although there may still be a few who prophesy since Pentecost, with a world-view, [i]from God[/i].

32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

Clearly, a prophet is not [i]bound[/i] to speak out in the Church what, or all that, God gives Him, especially in light of v 30. But of course, speaking is what God does, and we as His people are called to speak too. It just may not be [i]in the Church[/i] that our gift of prophecy is to be operated.

As I write this, Mike, it occurs to me that perhaps your skepticism would be better directed to those sitting under false doctrine.

Perhaps your burden is really for [i]them[/i], and rather than questioning the gift of those who are merely operating under God what He has given them [i]for the Church[/i], in the light of

Revelation 19:10 (KJV)
And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See [thou do it] not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: [b]for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy[/b].

you should be expecting [i]yourself[/i] to prophesy, and should be seeking God as to how to bring it to the ears of those who really need to hear it.

1 Cor 14:33
For God is not [the author] of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. (NKJV)

Dear Mike,

This is not to say that all your challenges here on SI are wasted, or should not be made, but, we, here, need to have confidence in what God is saying to us, and to grow in trust of each other in God, and in the unity of the Spirit.

There are many other gifts operating here on and through SI, which totally escape your scrutiny, or, again, you do not acknowledge them. Maybe you don't identify them, and simply have an aversion to any person making a [i]claim[/i] for what gifts they have.

If this is the case, that's ok for a season, but, there is a very easy scriptural case to be made for believers to [i]lay claim to their gifts[/i], and to [u]know[/u] what they are, and to understand how they are to use them, just as Paul knew he was [u]called to preach[/u], and to the Gentiles.

Thank you for bearing with me.
but I am a bit surprised how fast it is being accepted without much thinking.

Lastly, I believe you underestimate the genuine fervour of the saints here, who are very likely [i]all[/i] seeking the witness of the Spirit, before 'accepting' [i]any[/i] word from another.

One of the great things about SI is that we are all nobodies. This doesn't mean we don't have the same Holy Spirit instructing us, who instructed the early Church. We DO.

I would hate to think that if a famous preacher came here and spoke the same word as Josef did, ANY of us would believe it [i]simply because[/i] of that speaker's apparent status.

'test all things'


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 Re: Questioning

crsschk wrote:

I am a bit surprised how fast it is being accepted without much thinking.

Hey Mike, I'm insulted by this remark. You have no idea how much "thinking" I do. This really does make my blood pressure rise, Brother. Are you the only one who does "much thinking"? Are you saying that if we did enough "thinking" we would see that you are right? Are those the people who do "much thinking"? How long did you take to think about this one? Dian.

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 Re: Dream of Apostasy - Prophetic Warning - Judgment is HERE!

Josef_Urban wrote:

so when’s the last time you preached the true Gospel

The word "Gospel" is such a generic term in our day. Please tell us what you mean by the "True Gospel".

Spitfire wrote:
He ministered to the rejection I feel for being in such a minority. He helped me see that sometimes, we have to oppose the entire system in order to agree with God. That, that opposing of the church as an institution, is what has almost made me a nut.

Didn't Elijah find himself in this place, and I don't think God validated his "minority thinking".
He told him:

Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

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 Re: Questioning


crsschk wrote:
There is a lot of contradicitions in all this.

I have to agree with this statement, and was the first thing that came to my mind as I neared the end of the post a few days ago. I just chose not to comment at that time.
But now I feel compelled to because certain individuals are coming across as being upset with Mike's comments.
Can we not agree to disagree? Must we become carnal-minded? Let us dialogue and reason together reminding ourselves we are of the same Body with Christ Jesus as Head.
Brothers and sisters, when we post in these forums, we had better be prepared to receive criticism, and be prepared to answer in a way that will be pleasing to the Lord.
Correct, rebuke, exhort...
Let us take up our Cross and carry It,
An undeserving brother,


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Hey Mike, I'm insulted by this remark. You have no idea how much "thinking" I do. This really does make my blood pressure rise, Brother. Are you the only one who does "much thinking"? Are you saying that if we did enough "thinking" we would see that you are right? Are those the people who do "much thinking"? How long did you take to think about this one? Dian.

I think that what Mike is saying here is that if there are inconsistencies in the statements then there needs to be a clarification at the least. One of the great problems right now that has wrecked some God sent ministers is that they have come off too strong at first and got the doors closed on them. That creates more of the victim type effect or a sense of 'rejection' when in reality their needed to be some ground work laid before the weight of the message was brought to bear. I have been in places where the word of the Lord was certainly rejected and yet the ones I hoped to preach repentance and revival came off so strong that people thought they were fanitical or even part of some cult group. I'm referring to several different people I know that this has happened to.

G.W. North once said that many are looking for God to send 'prophets' in our times- But that He was looking for more people who were like Jesus Christ. How did Christ respond to things? He was the perfect representation of God. He was not all the time taking shots at folks in such a way as to bull them over with cold hard facts opened up like a battery; often He told stories that forced the person to come to their own conclusions based on their own thinking and conscience. You can't force feed folk repentance and judgment. We need to focus on the New Testament pattern of how these things happened. After a while you will realize that our way is NOT working and that we need to seek the Lord and learn from the NT scriptures. We have a great work in front of us- but we must be following the scriptures and the leading of the Holy Spirit or else as the original poster found it will [i]only harden the people in their sins[/i]. God anoints His own word and procedures. When we follow Him what we do will be annointed. God is not willing that folk perish and has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Read Psalm 106 and see the heart of God. When the people cried out He [i]heard[/i] their cry- even when they deserve judgment.

Mercy is when more kindness is shown that what justice requires. We need to always allow our words to be with grace and seasoned with salt. We can't become loose cannons or we are more of a problem that we would be the solution.

Robert Wurtz II

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 Re: spiritual judgment

Josef, as I read through your post I found myself frequently uttering, “Ah, yes!” Much of what you share closely parallels my own thoughts and revelatory experiences. This one is almost exactly the same as a dream I had: (!!)

The weight of conviction was so thick you could tangibly feel it.

To the contrary, they immediately hardened their hearts after being so obviously convinced and convicted.

This reminds me of the parable of the Seed and the Sower. In fact, Israel’s spiritual tragedy was recorded in the book of Hebrews especially to warn us not to repeat their sins. They did not listen to the voice of God when he spoke. They had the Spirit with them. They had his miracles. They had plenty of convicting moments. And yet they rejected his voice. “We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. 2:1 “Today, if you hear his voice , do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.” 3:15

The judgment of God upon America is not yet to come - it is already here!

God’s spiritual judgment has been on the church much longer than we realize. Hearts have been hard, masked by politeness, human righteousness, and false piety. The institutionalized church hasn’t been listening to the voice of God; it has been continuing along merrily in its own steam.

Spiritual judgment doesn’t wake anybody up – it only sends strong delusion to keep them all asleep

Spiritual judgment: “Be every hearing, but never understanding. Be ever seeing, but never perceiving, Make the heart of his people calloused and their ears dull, and close their eyes….” This is a judgment sent by God. Isaiah proves that we cannot attribute the phenomena merely to the the devil.

We don’t hear much about this spiritual judgment, because we tend to think in terms of the visible and the natural phenomena. Another reason may be because of the many self-acclaimed prophets who themselves are spiritually blind and hardened while they continue to proclaim warnings of coming judgment. Because they operate outside of the Spirit's voice, they fail to see the spriitual judgment (that they themselves are under) These people bring a stench to the entire role of the prophetic ministry.

they themselves do not love the truth, and they are the ones who have heaped that pastor/preacher unto themselves to tickle their own itching ears. They do not endure sound doctrine; they rather speak against it! They laugh and mock the true Gospel.

I see two kinds of “ear-tickling” going on. One group of people like the warm fuzzies. Their opponents like the hell/fire sock-it-to-them words. Neither wish to really HEAR what God has to say to their own hearts. They are all spiritually blind, and all mock the Gospel.

Revival will not and cannot happen within the apostate church system.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. Each person who wishes to see a move of God must put idolatrous longings to death. And that, I believe, is a process that comes about through physical judgment you speak of:
Physical judgment would indeed be an act of mercy.

This is the flip side of the coin, and must ALWAYS accompany the prophetic warnings of disaster. Mercy triumphs over judgment! That is our only hope. Dare we abandon that? God forbid!

Stop wasting your time trying to convince those who God has sent strong delusion to and go to those who will listen!

This is a word to the evangelical community. It has been taking matters into its own hand and not waiting on the Spirit to wake up the spiritually slumbering. And that has been disastrous!!! It has created its own apostate church in its zeal to wake up the dead.

Only the Prince can wake Sleeping Beauty - with a kiss. Is that not what Christ promised to do - the Good News of the New Covenent!!

But who are we to write anybody off before the final judgment.



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