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 Art Katz - Health Update - Continue to Pray - Jan. 15th update

Here is the latest update on Art Katz' health. We need to continue to pray for this precious man of God.

Burning Bush

Update on Art's Health

Jan. 15th, 2007

Thank you for your continual prayers that are being offered up to the throne of grace for Art, and the rest of us. Art was released from the hospital yesterday after another blood transfusion and a multitude of tests.

Thankfully, his fever is gone, temperature has returned to normal. His hemoglobin level has stabilized somewhat. However, his shortness of breathe is still a problem.

With gratitude for your sacrificial prayers & support,
Ben Israel Fellowship

Jan. 15th, 2007

We continue to be in a back and forth battle with Art’s health. His condition has a definite diagnosis (Poly Arteritis Nodosa), but many of the symptoms (shortness of breath, sporadic fevers, drops in blood pressure etc.) continue to baffle the doctors. The continuation of a slight fever has delayed his return home from the hospital.

This most recent return to hospital began when, during a routine appointment (5 days ago), Art began to show symptoms of sudden drops in his blood pressure when he would stand up (he had swooned the day before at home). The doctor called for an immediate admittance into the hospital to put him on fluids for apparent dehydration.

Except for the mysterious occasional fevers, Art appears stable, his breathing is better now, not as labored, and his appetite is very good. That’s the way it’s been for a while now, up and down, sometimes frighteningly down. Most of these symptoms are fitful and tend to flare up and then subside.

Once again, please do continue to remember Art in your prayers.

Ben Israel Fellowship


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 Re: Art Katz - Health Update - Continue to Pray - Jan. 15th update

Thank you for updating and reminding us...

Mike Balog

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We must pray for this Saint people of God.

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