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These two articles on Google News today...

Sorry I'm not alowed to copy the whole thing,

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Adjusts Clock From 7 to 5 Minutes Before Midnight; “ Deteriorating” Global Situation Cited on Nuclear Weapons and New Factor: Climate Change.

and this one..

Where Gordon Brown next PM of England says:
"I believe that it is only now, as we see the impact of globalisation, that we can also imagine the full shape of the emerging new world order - a new world economic, political and social order, driven forward not just by considerations of the balance of military strength and ordinary political power, but by the seismic shift in social and economic power brought forward by globalisation."

"My theme today is how co-operating together and with a plan to reform our international institutions we can ensure that globalisation works to ensure proserity and opportunity for not just some of the people, but all of the people."

"I am sure that India and Britain together - the world's largest democracy and one of the world's oldest democracies, with our shared history and culture, and common values of understanding and tolerance - can, working in unison, play a critical role as partners in addressing the great challenges of our times."

Very interesting, tic, toc, tic, toc,


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