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 Ten Virgins... All Slept... until they Heard The Sound of The BrideGroom

Greetings Saints and Seekers of The Christ The Risen Son of God : May the words I type be pleasing to my Lord ... I seek Not to please men.
Please bare w/me Brethren as i have been given a heavy heart for His Saints as many are lost seeking a shepherd and have found none as most "pastors" have slaughtered and eaten their flocks as they are Not sent of God but seek only filthy lucre ...Modern day money changers are these.
I am not a church member nor an advocate of organized religion. I am a simple man who has witnessed the compromise of The Truth of The Spirit of God by men and have come to the place where Jesus would that we all were.... Broken and living in the Fear of God which is the place where His Will can be communicated by His Spirit to those who are willing to receive His Mark. His Word is Not just written words.... His Word is Spirit not letters alone... His know His Voice and another they will Not follow... which voice are you following now ? Can you Hear what The Spirit sayeth to The Churches of The Living God of Abraham ? Many seek to hear by men what God has said.... Just as the israelites would Not Hear God in The Wilderness but sought a man instead as a go between, so are we now in this nation and world! He warned that He was a Jealous God and seeks our intimate relationShip so He can impart to us His Spirit which is a RevelationShip.
I am not a theologian nor have i been taught by precepts of men... His Word...His Spirit should be our teacher and guide in this world where almost all Truth has been polluted by False doctrines and teachings of men. Jesus warned of these times and they are upon us even Now. (Matt. 15:9)
Jesus said something to Peter that He longs to say to His Saints... Blessed are you for flesh and blood have NOT Revealed me to you (Matt 16:7)..
May He Reveal Himself to those who seek Him with Fear and trembling.(Php. 2:12)...
Not by might Not by power But by My Spirit sayeth The Lord of Host. (Zec. 4:6)

In Him : randy-Watching

PS : I was Taught many Truths by Dead Preachers of the era that this site promotes... I would to God that he would one more time send His Fire upon those who are willing to BURN!

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 Re: Ten Virgins... All Slept... until they Heard The Sound of The BrideGroom

Me thinks this post should be a more suitable subject in the lounge.

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