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 Cleaning for a Hindu

My wife, Lisa, has just taken a job cleaning the house of a lovely Hindu lady.

In the house is a small closet which is used as a shrine of some sort, my question is, should my wife clean the shrine if she is asked or decline.

As far as I know there is no issue, I guess the lady won't mind, I just wondered is this situation going to lead to compromise or opportunity?



 2007/1/15 20:36Profile

 Re: Cleaning for a Hindu

I was reading some Jewish literature recently about Agag the Amalekite, from the book of Esther. Apparently, Agag had the image of an idol woven on the breast of his clothing, so whenever anyone bowed to him, they bowed also to the idol. Malachi refused to bow, and thus was sentenced to die (as Agag was a man of much power).

If Lisa has to bend over to clean around or under idols... well, I don't want to sound superstitious, but better safe than sorry. As Tozer said, "Better to go to far than not far enough."

 2007/1/15 22:10

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