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 I didnt mean this is it

I do not think this is it and theres not otehr way. By no means am I saying ditch hymns i thikn hymns are by far some of the most powerful song ever written due to the life that went into them. But I would not go as far to say that all new music is horrible. Im sure many hymns when they first came out might have also been diffrent and many did not respect the power or life given into them just because it was not what they liked or grew up on. And by no means am I arguing or pointing saying this is waht your were intending. I respect very much your advice and i guess more if you could tell me why you do not like music like uptons and more id love to hear. Im always open to God changing my heart as I grow within the lord.


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 Re: I didnt mean this is it

Hi Daniel,

Know you are still just getting used to the site but just go to the "[b]reply[/b]" button on the top right hand on a particular post to add your comments.

Mike Balog

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