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 Tozers words

universalism is the belief in the restitution of all fallen beings to a state of blessedness. Some of them believe only in the restoration of all human beings to blessedness, not only Christians, but all human beings finally to blessedness. Then there is another kind of moral-exhaustive universalism, which teaches not only the restitution of all human beings, but the devil and all the fallen angels. They’re very generous and take in everything, every [believer], every human, and every creature that has fallen and sinned against God. Now this is a dream born of desire, and this universalism, the teaching that every moral creature would finally be saved, is a dream born of desire, and it springs from humanitarian motives, no doubt. Humanitarian feelings [willing to bless] lead us to desire the salvation of all. But it is not taught in the Scriptures. The Bible specifically states that except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish. And it pictures us a Hell, where the devil and his angels are, and all that are not found in the book of life are finally consigned. So the teaching of the Bible is definitely not universalism, and whatever this passage teaches, which I have read in your hearing, it does not teach universalism.

Dr. Aw TOzer


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 Re: Tozers words

In a few of his sermons (I don't know which ones since I've listened to so many) Tozer says true Christians appear to be bigots by the apostates, the humanists, and the heathen. He goes on to point out that Martha Jones knows she's descended from the Jones family, and that no one would call he a bigot by refusing to say she belonged to any other worldly family...

I don't imagine we'll see a whole lot of humanists at the final "family reunion"...

 2007/1/15 19:09

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