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 Suggestions/questions for improving the forum

Brother Greg,

In order of improving functionality on the forum, I would like to rise few technical questions or suggestions:

1) Why there is no number of post somewhere displayed, or maybe I cannot see it?

I'm finding this feature very useful, if you want to give link to some old post, you can point directly to the post, otherwise if the thread is from many pages, you can point the link just to exact page, but not to the post.

2) There is a way to find the number of the post by the search engine. But there are some problems here. If the thread is just with one page, and if we search the phrase "Content Advisor" Type: Exact Match the first result will be

that means that the number of the post is #19693 and the link directly will lead us to the post.

But if the thread contains more than one page, than the things are not working.
I am searchin this: "The men that have been the most herioc for God have had the greatest devotional lifes."
I am getting 2 results, but both links are just leading me to the first page of the thread

I have the number of the exact posts #46349 and #18656 but of no use in this case. To work properly it should lead me to the exact page and exact post. Here how it should be (but I made this manualy, I searched on which page is the post than I added the number of the posts in the end of the url, so called anchors #46349 and #18656):

I think I had more things, but I'm leaving here now, waiting for your opinion brother.


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 Re: Suggestions/questions for improving the forum

This is an old post but definetly good ideas. We have considered to migrate the entire sermonindex website to wordpress and hence a new forum software also.

what are saints thoughts on this possible migration?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I would like that Greg. In the past Ive had problems signing in.

And also when someone posts a web link of any kind into a forum post it reduces the Font size for that entire topic making it small and the word wrap won't work ... that happens on my phones.
It's okay on a PC though. But most of my views here are on my phone.

I was recently wanting to find all of my posts and did a search in the search bar here using my username and there were some that weren't displaying in the list that was displayed.. Like it wasn't displaying one I had participated in a month back.


David Keel

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Here we go! I think it's great just the way it is, but that's JMO...


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Hi Greg
I guess its gonna be hard to please everyone.. It always is. Im fine with it this way..
Bless u
in Jesus
Sister Frannie


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