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 Re: Corey Ten Boom and faith

I think about Corey and Betsy almost every day. My wife and I have read almost everything she has written. I dont know I would go to Corey for her end time views, but where she and her sisters example shines was walking by faith and in the Holy Spirit. Trusting in Jesus to take her through it all. At what ever cost at what ever price. I was raised a patriot, it is so easy to let the patriot hat slip on my head and grab the wheel back from God. Easy to let the cares of this world slip in. I see the train coming straight for the US. But we cant get focused on the big lamp on the front of the train. We must stay focused on the voice of Jesus his Word trusting and obeying him. Corey was a good example of this. First time she came to the US she came at God’s calling. She only had $50 in her pocket.

Right now I have been listening to Major Ian Thomas on this subject on this sermon

It has helped me stay focused on Jesus.


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Thank you for linking to this message by Major Ian Thomas. It has been a while since I heard it. I also think of sisters Corey and Betsy. What an example that they set!

I have bought copies of THE HIDING PLACE, TRAMP FOR THE LORD and IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE: THE YEARS BEFORE THE HIDING PLACE for family and friends. Unfortunately, I no longer have any copies for myself. This is a great reminder to pick up some copies for our own small library.


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