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Just cause you think your theology is 'right'. It might be completly wrong according to His Truth.

Oh man, for the sake of peace and brotherly unity etc..etc.. I would forsake what I know about Eschatology in a heart beat. When I became a believer, I avoided the book of Revelations, I didn't want anything to do with it, my main subjects of interests were love peace and joy in the holy Ghost.

As I was fasting and seeking His face, this is what He reveals to me, the very thing that I didn't want to get into. I said recently to the LORD, "if it wasn't for your will I'd trash this in a second." I was fasting and seeking His face to "Know Him" not get into Eschatology.

Believe me, there is no glory in being "right" on this subject.

 2007/4/9 9:14

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Okay Compliments. God bless.

 2007/4/9 17:18Profile

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