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 Questions on Church Organization & Government

I was curious as to thoughts here on biblical church structure. There are so many Christian leaders - all of whom have a walk with God and preach truth - yet share different opinions on church matters. I'll give an example.. Charles Spurgeon was without a doubt a preacher with an anointing and has written marvelous books. Now he pastored a megachurch in England. Other leaders, such as Art Katz, Frank Viola, and several other leaders emphasize the need to return to home church life and/or community living - stating that this is something that megachurches lack.

Another thing is church leadership. Some say that there should be no such thing as "sola-pastora" and others who are godly are senior pastors. Neither of them are preaching false doctrines - yet on this issue there is differences. Some say there are no more apostles and prophets. Some say there is a need to restore the apostles and prophets. Some say elders and pastors are the same thing. Others say bishops should oversee pastors and pastors oversee elders and elders oversee deacons, etc etc. I'm not saying which is or isn't wrong. Both arguments give good views from Scripture.

Basically - what does everyone think? Obviously what Scripture says and Christ having preeminence must be the key factor. But many say that there are specifics that are vital to the future of church life.

Please.. thoughts and comments..

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