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 blue like jazz

has anyone out there read donald millers "Blue Like Jazz"?
I just finished it, and was hoping to hear others comments.

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 Re: blue like jazz

Hi rdv,

I read through most of the book in one sitting last summer so this is more of an initial reaction then a'review'...

While I count Donald Miller as a dear brother, and believe he would make absolutely great conversation across a cup of coffee, I consider him a Christian author of more style then substance.

The problem I had is that he was turning his personal confusion, questions, and search for authentic answers into a type of humble virtue. Unbelief is put forth as being more honest then belief...This is a persistent problem with the 'emergent' Christian their wry critique of 'churchianity' they resign themselves to always being confused and uncertain about their walk with God...and often become downright irreverant and arrogant about it!

I think Donald Miller is part of a stylish trend of adolescently minded Christian thinkers who shift the emphasis off of scripture and onto their own emotional and intellectual angst...confusing human sincerity with faith. They imply that this self-absorption is 'being honest' with the reader...and seem to feel that the 'relevant' Christian will have more to offer people from exogeting culture then from exogeting scripture. Cultural relevancy is the mantra...and talking more about questions then answers is their 'connection' to the culture.

As a result, these post-modern writers might appeal to post-modern cultural tastes, yet ironically, are woefully irrelevant to the needs of the post-modern soul,...when compared to the spiritual nourishment of much older writers such as Bunyan, Carmichael, Chambers, or Spurgeon. The soul does not live by clever and insightful social commentary on religon, faith, and politics... but by God's Word.

In recent years I have begin to ask myself why the most popular Christian books of my day bear no resemblance in substance to the vast archive of great Christian books that do resemble each other, from many centuries past.

One of these things is not like the other!



Mike Compton

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thanks for the comments.
as i read the book i felt the same way. i felt he made many good points in one page and the next page im thinking "this guy should not be writing about chritian living"

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