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 Family Sues Healing Evangelist...

[b]Family sue evangelist who claimed prayer would cure brother's cancer[/b]
Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A television evangelist accused of causing her brother's death by convincing him prayer alone would cure his cancer is being sued by relatives.

A lawsuit claims Darlene Bishop persuaded Darrel 'Wayne' Perry to rely on prayer rather than radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

She says in a book that Mr Perry was cured of his cancer, without mentioning that he died of it 18 months ago, it adds.

The lawsuit also accuses her of lying when she claims in the book that prayer cured her breast cancer. There is no evidence she ever had the disease, it says.

Mrs Bishop, who is being sued by four of her brother's grownup children, is also accused of mismanaging his multi-million pound estate in another lawsuit.

Mr Perry's eldest son, Bryan, 36, said: " She's lying to people and exploiting my father for her own financial gain.

"I put my faith in Darlene. We all did. We thought she was a holy, pure woman."

Darrel Perry, 55, who was a successful country music songwriter, was diagnosed with throat cancer in December 2002.

He moved into Mrs Bishop's £1.5million mansion in Monroe, Ohio, where she is co-pastor of the Solid Rock Church with her husband Lawrence, to "recommit" his life to God.

Another son, Justin, 28, said: "Dad was lying in bed dying, and Darlene had him convinced that he was healed."

Mrs Bishop, whose television show, Sisters, is viewed by millions, says on her website that the allegations are "complete lies".

She adds: "I encouraged my brother to listen to the doctors, but he refused surgery."

But in a sworn deposition responding to the lawsuits Mrs Bishop, who was once voted America's sexiest preacher, admits no doctor ever diagnosed the breast cancer she refers to in her book.

She says she thought she had cancer in 1986 and that it was cured after she prayed to God to heal her.

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