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 But now the tune is changed -alleine

[b]But now the tune is changed[/b]

(Joseph Alleine, "Alarm to the Unconverted" 1671)

Conversion turns the bent of the affections. These all
run in a new channel. Christ is now his hope. This is his
prize. Here his eye is--here his heart. He is content to
cast all overboard, as the merchant in the storm about
to perish--so that he may but keep this jewel.

The first of his desires is not after gold--but grace. He
hungers for it, he seeks it as silver, he digs for it as for
hidden treasure. He had rather be gracious than great.
He had rather be the holiest man on earth than the most
learned, the most famous, the most prosperous. While
carnal, he said, 'O if I were but in great esteem, rolling
in wealth, and swimming in pleasure--then I would be
a happy man!' But now the tune is changed. 'Oh!'
says the convert, 'if I had but my corruptions subdued,
if I had such a measure of grace, and fellowship with
God--though I were poor and despised, I would not
care, I would account myself a blessed man!'

Reader, is this the language of your soul?

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