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 Re: "Sister" Rob

"Sister" Rob

Nice touch bro, i can't help but chuckle :-P

When i speak of the third wave, i'm talking about the extreme elements of that movement, such as Copeland and Hinn and their teachings of "name it and claim it," God wants you rich, sew your seed of a thousasnd dollars, Kingdom now theology, etc. You have probably heard it dubbed as The Signs and Wonders movement. Since the Third Wave comprises a vast range of teachings and churches, i only refer to its wing most blantanly false.

God Bless

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 Re: Hey Greg

Satan knows that Jesus is Lord. Just believing that Jesus is Lord doesn't get you much. It's the surrendering to His Lordship that makes all the difference. You can't really say that Jay Bakker has surrendered to His Lordship. I think a lot of people make a mistake by believeing that a Christian is someone who acknoledges that Jesus is Lord. Satan acknolodges that Jesus is Lord.
Read Matt. 7. "Many will come to me and say Lord Lord! and I will tell them depart from me, I never knew you."
The question is not "do you know Jesus," it's, "does Jesus know you."
In the words of Paul Washer, "I'm not gonna get into the Whitehouse by going to the gate and saying, "I know George Bush" but I will get in if George Bush comes out and says "I know Paul Washer."

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 Chariot Rob

Oh!! the name it and claim it thingy!! so thats the third wave! God cast as the cosmic ATM machine.

Lord have mercy!!

oh boy.

(weary sigh)

Would to God the Church just become like a child and have the faith of a child, and simplify the Gospel, toss religion and the traditions of man right out the door! amen.

they talk about "low church"...yeh I pray for a "low church"....wanna know how "low"?

get outta the pew, and lay face down in the aisles, and just say, "God I believe You, now show me Your glory"...and spend about three hours in a weeping puddle as He remakes us....THATS Church.


in Jesus love, neil

 2006/12/26 13:53

 Re: What happened to Christianity?

sangrado said

Just believing that Jesus is Lord doesn't get you much. It's the surrendering to His Lordship that makes all the difference.

Some people call that 'practical righteousness'.

 2006/12/26 14:15

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hey bro Rob
i couldn't resist! indeed i now see where yo got the idea of going by chariot. there is a story behind my own handle and avatar also as i'm sure there is about everyone else's.


God bless you bro

Farai Bamu

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