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 Re: Attacks

Have been dropping bit's and pieces of recent days and can concur wholeheartedly with all of this. Another thread speaks perhaps of the casualty aspect as much as the possibilities ... those that are not necessarily of a satanic attack

[url=]What I saw[/url]

But perhaps this is where the mind as Paul mentioned is so great a battlefield ... Have found so much of the natural mind to have it's own great problems that it can be sometimes impossible to wrestle out where the spiritual minions are at work, is it a deriving and bringing back to mind, imagines and the sights and sounds, tastes of Egypt as was mentioned? Or the natural evil bent still resident in the old\dead man ... Hope not to get off on all the theological underpinnings of that.

Fatigue. This is an area that I have recognized as fertile ground for attacks, times I may dose off here in the study and upon awakening... It is uncanny the audacity and force of some notion, some temptation upon opening the eye's, thoughts never even entertained, unrelated to a particular dream... By contrast do not recall many that came when the Lord was strong in Spirit...

There is a couple of verses I have been musing on due to recent failures and combined attacks, towards the just mentioned strength;

1Jo 5:18 We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.

Will come back to this in a moment, the other;

Mat 12:43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.
Mat 12:44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.
Mat 12:45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

Strange as it may sound having read this countless times, the word "empty" came to mind as predominant, as if I never recognized it was there.

Realizing generalities are just that, general and very much opposed to all sort's of fixed Christian ideas that seem to be much more in a state of flux in reality ... Paul stated it acutely, the battle is unending and more intense, surprising as I have even found out recently... But Job was assaulted unbeknownest to himself the reasons behind it and have found that there is no rhyme or reason ... to finally get to the point here...

My wonder is in the word "Kept". Being kept by the Lord, being filled with the Holy Spirit seems to answer the result of 1 John; the [i]wicked one toucheth him not.[/i]. It is both our keeping and His keeping us, our discipline and prayer ... Brother, to insert here, your admonition about this cannot be overemphasized, to my amazement my praying did slip even while I was cognizant of it.

Between this keeping and that word 'empty' ... Would hate to read the wrong thing into all this and go beyond what the Lord was comparing it to by the concluding statement; [i]Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.[/i]

Just wondering at it all.

Mike Balog

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Have found so much of the natural mind to have it's own great problems that it can be sometimes impossible to wrestle out where the spiritual minions are at work, is it a deriving and bringing back to mind, imagines and the sights and sounds, tastes of Egypt as was mentioned? Or the natural evil bent still resident in the old\dead man ... Hope not to get off on all the theological underpinnings of that.


I think it is interesting to note that while our natural mind certainly has its propensity for restlessness and dwelling on vanities, there comes a time where something else takes over and alien thoughts and desires flood in so strongly that [i]it feels as though something is literally speaking them into your head.[/i] Now, this doesn't happen too often - and praise God for that - but when it does, there is no mistaking.

I remember, clearly, last year, when something like this happened one night. I couldn't get to sleep. Kept tossing and turning, tossing and turning. Suddenly (and I say "suddenly" because it literally happened in such a way), horrific thoughts beseiged my mind. I will not even attempt to allude their description here. I began to panic - so intense, so horrible, so vivid they were. I felt totally helpless, almost paralyzed, and I couldn't stop my brain. All I could think of was "[i]Sin! Sin! Sin![/i]" I cried out to God to make them stop, the images, the voice, the injections of thought. They were coming in waves, like one after another crashing against the sand on a beach.

Mike, a thing like this is what I'm referring to in this thread. An attack. They literally incapacitate you. And the worst kinds are the ones that flood in and challenge the central core of your beliefs. Those are the spookiest, because [b]what do you do?[/b] Here is something that transcends mortal temptation, in my book. It's one thing to entice a man sexually - it's another to strike directly at the heels of his faith. Where do you turn if atheistic bullets are being shot at God himself from inside your own mind? No, brother. When these flash storms begin, they go beyond mere flesh and bone. They are malicious imports, and a scholarly knowledge of Greek and Hebrew can't do anything to help you. All the sermons you've preached and read are instantly forgotten. The only thing you can do is cling on for dear life with a child-like faith in what the word says about Jesus.

See, much of what we suffer daily, I believe, is the product of our own flesh, and the inclinations of our carnal minds are able to pull us down only so deep, but let it be known that wicked sharks dwell in the waters of eternity's realm, and may at any moment, should God sanction an attack/test, invade the shallow lagoon of our temporal thoughts and initiate a bloody feeding frenzy.

[i]"Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat..."[/i] (Luke 22:31)

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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the battle is unending

How true. :-o We might imagine that only the lost aren't keeping their eyes on Jesus...but how many times after some 'victory' we will look away to our "accomplishment" and instantly find ourselves pursued again!

The human heart is ever looking for a finishline and resting place here on Earth. This is our undoing saints! This thread is showing me how important it is for each one of us to help the other remember Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary... and to not become comfortable in this place...but instead desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one.

I love this mighty warcry from Spurgeon...

"For here we have no continuing city" (Heb.13:14) is a truth that we know, yet most of us try to make the earth as comfortable for ourselves as if it were to be our abiding residence. Too many believers act as if they could be the friends of the world and the friends of God at the same time. Settle the matter once for all that you are a soldier.

Did you dream that when you came to faith in Christ, the conflict would be over? Ah, it was only the beginning. Like Caesar, you crossed the Rubicon and declared war against your deadly enemy.

You drew your sword, and you did not sheath it.

Your proper note on joining the church is not one of congratulations that the victory is won, but one of preparation, for now the trumpet sounds and the fight begins.

You are a soldier at all times.

Somehow we are not spared this war yet we are also not alone in it.
Hear my voice, O God,..Preserve my life from dread of the enemy...God will shoot at them with an arrow;...

Blessings saints,

Grace be with you all!


Mike Compton

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Northern Rockies, BC, Canada


Thankyou for the post brother Paul. A few seconds before sending my last comment which took a few minutes to prepare suddenly disappeared...Had to go for a Tim Horton's donought break before again starting with a few questions and comments.
Oh the suggestions of the tempter :-o Indeed how the Word of God is so important to combat the devil as our Lord did Satan in the wilderness. David said, "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." - Psalm 119:11
A quote from Jessie Penn Lewis: "There are religious demons, not holy, but nevertheless religious, and filled with a devilish form of religion which is the counterfeit of true, deep spirituality. These pseudo-religious demons very rarely attack young beginners, but they hover around persons who advance into deeper experiences, and seek every oppurtunity to fasten themselves upon the conscience or the spiritual emotions of persons of high states of grace, especially if they are of a vivid or energetic temperament. These are the demons that play havoc among many professors of holiness. One way they get hold of persons is as follows: A soul goes through a great struggle, and is wonderfully blessed. Floods of light and emotion sweep through the being. The shore lines are all cut. The soul is launched into a sea of of extravagant experience. At such a juncture these demons hover round the soul and make strange suggestions to the mind of something odd, or outlandish, or contrary to common sense or decent taste. They make these suggestions under the profession of being the Holy Ghost. They fan the emotions and produce a strange, fictitious exhilaration, which is simply their bait to get into some faculty of the soul...
(6)Some Examples of How Demons Take Hold of Apparently Spirit-filled Christians
A very holy and useful woman says that soon after receiving the baptism of the Spirit there came to her one night in the church a wild, abnormal impulse to throw the hymnbook at the preacher and run all over the church screaming and it took all her will power to keep her hand from throwing that book. But she had common sense to know that the Holy Spirit was not the author of such a suggestion. If she had yielded to that sudden feeling it would have likely given that fanatical demon admission to her emotional nature and ruined her life-work. She is a person who knows the mighty demonstrations of the Holy Spirit and understands God's sufficiently to know He is not the source of wild and indecent conduct...
Another person said he felt like rolling on the floor and groaning and pulling the chairs around, but he distinctly perceived that the impulse to do so had something wild in it and a touch of self-display contrary to the gentleness and sweetness of Jesus; and, as quick as he saw it was an attack of a false spirit, he was delivered. But another man had the same impulse, and fell down groaning and roaring, beating the floor with his hands and feet, and the demon entered into him as the angel of light and got him to think that his conduct was of the Holy Ghost; and it became a regular habit in the meetings he attended, until he would ruin every religious meeting he was in..." -
[url=]War On The Saints[/url]
Indeed brother Paul we can be seduced, trapped and deceived by Satan...but praise God for many things like His armour, His Word, and the blessed Holy Spirit that guides His children into all truth.
Any comments on the above quote by sister Jessie brother? I also believe many must understand that they're not going "nuts", but that they do have a war to fight for the sake of their own souls and the souls of others. As we walk through the valley of death, the Lord is with His children.
Very interested to see where this blessed thread could the glory of God I pray :-D



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 Re: take up sheild and buckler

So much here brothers. I pray that God will watch over us and direct us in His perfect ways and be the guardian of our souls.

Brother Paul, I remember when you had first shared about the attacks you went through after praying and seeking for God to use you and how much I recognised in them my own experiences too!

About these mental assults...

I shared before how just as you, these things began after I had set out in [b]earnest[/b] to share the Gospel in my neighborhood and elsewhere.

Before I relate some things in specific I remember how once I recieved a 'memo from hell' as Ray Comfort calls them. I was leaving the house to walk the streets and share the Gospel and a man who lived in the neighborhood, who had a particularly dark and seemingly disturbed personality, walked by, and seing the Bible in my hand began talking to me. He began to say things like 'people don't want to hear that anymore' and other such things to which I replied in faith that God's word will not return void. Some may think nothing of that, but these sorts of words can have a wholly unatural effect when they are, as I believe, energised by the demonic.

Now back to those assults of the mind. I can say that I wholly agree with you brother Paul, how there is an altogether [i]other worldy nature[/i] to these assults; they are other worldly in their force, in their nature, in the [b]pressure[/b] they exert upon the soul. It can be... heavy, intense! Once when these things were at a particular height and being pressed upon me with high intensity a dear brother came by my house completely unexpected and greatly enouraged me.

I had not been able to muster the strength to go to Church and even going, at this point, may not have helped(it would take too long to explain). But this faithfull brother, who I had much confidence in, that he was a true brother and servant of God, he came by my house, which he was not used to doing either, and as we talked he related how God had impressed upon him in prayer at the altar(he went to a different fellowship) that 'the loins of my mind were getting weak', and that he was to pray for me. Now brothers, that is probably the most spot on and accurate description of what was happeneing to me at that very hour and he had no way of knowing it!

I thank God for His providential care of me at this crucial hour!

Since moving here I think I have encountered a differnt form of assult and it seems like literally [b]wrestling[/b] aginst something in the heavenlies? I even had a dream about that very thing one night. Through all this I think I am finding that it's one thing to know about the armor and weapons we have but it's quite another thing to know how to use them, you know what I mean?

Remember what David had said when he was going out to battle Goliath, concerning Saul's armor?

[b][color=000000] And David girded his sword over his armor, and he tried in vain to go, for he was not used to them. Then David said to Saul, "I cannot go with these; for I am not used to them." And David put them off[/color][/b](1Samuel 17:1 RSV)

A couple more things quickly...

Brother Mike, I think it is definitely posible that the things you mentioned about the other thread can be related to all of this. I pray God you will be strengthened and that all of these things God will use to continue to perfect that which concerns you and His work in you.

Would like to share part of a prayer from the 35th psalm that I had taken hold of during this time of struggle. A brother had given it to me on a plaque that he had gotten on a trip, it reads..

Plead my cause, O Lord,
with them that strive with me:
fight against them
that fight against me.
Take hold of shield and buckler,
and stand up for mine help.
Draw out also the spear,
and stop the way
against them that persecute me:
say unto my soul,
I am thy salvation.

[b]say unto my soul,

I am thy salvation.[/b]

By the way, I think it was brother Ritchie that mentioned Jessie Penn Lewis? Look at whose picture came up in the random photo when I went to log in for this post

[url=]Jessie Penn-Lewis 1[/url]

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Thank you so much for sharing Brother Paul,

I'm reminded of Hebrews 12:1. Brother Tyndale instead of the word "entangles" that's used in the NIV or "so easily beset" as used in the KJV he used "hangeth on." Let us not come into agreement with these familiar spirits. The battle for our souls is very real and Satan is after our faith.

1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. 2Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

Ed Pugh

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The reason, I believe, we don't hear much about these types of assaults from the pulpit is twofold:

1. Many Christians do not have the type of[i] intimacy[/i] with God that would trigger an attack of such, and:

2. When speaking of the spiritual nature of such heinous attacks, the fear of bordering on the metaphysical is always present. It's risky to speak such things from the pulpit, especially during this age of "God is love and nothing else" with the idea that he will never allow a faithful child to suffer at the hands of the enemy. Lies from the pulpit!

Well, the truth needs to be spoken in love, and not shyed away from. There is a spiritual war going on, a very real and bloody war, and most people think that it merely involves crucifying the flesh and supressing the sinful urges that were entertained before one's conversion.

I don't want to get into writing a detailed recourse on all the different tacics, for this has already been done in its exhaustive entirety, I feel, in William Gurnall's "The Christian in Complete Armour." Any saint reading this thread who doesn't already own a copy, needs to get one. This the only book, outside of scripture, I deem worthy enough to consider [i]imperative[/i] to the saint's library.

The greater the intimacy with God, the more horrific the assaults. God may give you a period of peace and tranquility to study and mediate and fellowship and preach, but seasons do change. Autumn turns to winter overnight. You look out your window one morning and see snow on the ground. Such the same, I have found, when war is issued and the advancements commence. Fighting off these advancements in the flesh is futile. If you're not already established in a solid intimacy and in good, right fellowship with God, the shellshock will utterly hammer you. I think it's very disheartening that this stuff isn't adressed from the pulpits. People are usually left in the dark, lonely and suffering, and with lots of questions during these times. They weren't prepared for surprise attacks, they weren't told what to expect. All they did was go after God with all their heart (which precludes such attacks), and suddenly they feel abandoned and staggered, writhing in mental agony as Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar gather around and say, "Just keep praying! Pray harder!"

"Well," you say, "I [i]can't[/i] pray! The heavens are like brass. I'm dying here, and you have no clue what I'm going through!"

I'd think my Army platoon leader were my enemy, if he told me to go after a certain hill of gold but not warn of the machine-gun nest at the top. Such, I feel, are pastors and evangelists that say, "Go after God! Pray and fast! All his treasures are yours!" but not warn of all the debilitating ambushes along the way. Many a warrior for Christ was been stopped in his tracks and taken down for lack of knowledge. And many have been wounded by friendly fire. This especially happpens to repentance-preaching evangelists who cross the DMZ of Christian political correctness and are promptly shot down by their own well-meaning comrades. In truth, the enemy will move through ones closest to you, the ones you confide and trust in, and will often use them to emasculate your strength through rejection and doubt.

Oh, it's a bloody, bloody battleground with carnage strewn all about. Flesh alone can't cause this; but flesh manipulated by spiritual evil can and will. Like I said, I am always apt to warn youth of these things - especially when I sense a kid with a real heart for God. I'll warn him with tears, because I know the pain of battle. But I'll also exhort him in triumph, because I know the thrill of overcoming!

As do many of you!

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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Any quotes/advice from some of the saints now passed on that could be posted here concerning these attacks by the devil and his workers? This would be so to shed a greater light on this subject...that it would bless others that come here that may need insight and encouragement in their own battles with the enemy....also some Scripture verses, etc...

richie copy of Gurnall's book cost around $70. Canadian...which maybe alittle too pricey for some if they go through a Christian bookstore...or, try: Sovereign Grace Publishers; PO Box 4998; Lafayette, Indiana; 47903. Here it is in a volume-series: offered as volume #2 of the 12 volume set entitled "The Fifty Greatest Christian Classics" the time of the last printing, $19.95 US+ tax & shipping :-)


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Any quotes/advice from some of the saints now passed on that could be posted here concerning these attacks by the devil and his workers?

Here's a good one from a brother who, like the apostle Paul, was no stranger to Lucifer:

"The most trying time is the most helpful time. Most preachers say something about Daniel, and about the Hebrew children, and especially about Moses when he was in a tried corner. Beloved, if you read the Scriptures you will never find anything about the easy times. And if you are really reconstructed, it will be during a hard time. It won't be during a singing meeting, but during a time when you think all things are dried up and there is no hope for you. This is the time God when makes the man. When tried by fire, when God purges you, takes the dross away, and brings forth the pure gold. Only melted gold is minted. Only moistened clay receives the mold. Only softened wax receives the seal. And only broken, contrite hearts receive the mark as the Potter turns us on His wheel - shaped and burnt to keep the heavenly mold, the stamp of God's pure gold. We must have the stamp of our blessed Lord who was marred more than any man."

- Smith Wigglesworth

Paul Frederick West

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Compton:I love this mighty warcry from Spurgeon...

MC, I'm very grateful for introducing me into this great series of sermons by Spurgeon about spiritual warfare. Highly recommendation, very useful and powerful.
Here you can find them - [url=]Sermon Series by Spurgeon on Spiritual Warfare[/url]

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