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 Former terrorist denied entry in Canada

I thought this was interesting and am passing it on:
[b]Former Terrorist Denied Entry into Canada[/b]

Former terrorist, Walid Shoebat, has been refused entry into Canada by Immigration authorities, today. Shoebat is scheduled to speak at the Simon Weisenthal Center at 7:30 p.m. in Ottawa tonight and in Montreal tomorrow. He is often invited to speak about his life as a terrorist and about his transformation from extremist to peace-maker and activist against terrorism. See:

“The refusal by the Canadian authorities to let Walid Shoebat in the country shows the absurd policies of immigration officials,” says Keith Davies, director of the Walid Shoebat Foundation. “Mr. Shoebat is trying to educate people about the dangers of terrorism, but is refused entry because he has admitted to his involvement in terror over 20 years ago. Why should the Canadian authorities want to silence his important message?”

On September 10, 2006, Shoebat entered Canada without incident when he was invited to speak on Canadian National TV. He also been to Canada three times in 2004 and his story has been featured by much of the media in Canada.


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Here is [url=]Walid’s testimony[/url]

Wonder if Canada is this strict with the actual terrorist?!! :-? Or are they trying to keep the truth from being known about terrorism?

I've heard Walid in person and it's amazing what God can do to completely turn a life around! Let this testimony be encouraging to those who have opportunities to witness to Muslims.

 2006/12/6 18:00

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 Re: Former terrorist denied entry in Canada

I bet it because he is Christian, and they don't want to upset their muslims hordes that are growing (there are not going to be any french speaking survivers of Islam before you knoe it)

 2006/12/24 1:14Profile


I 'bet' Stockwell Day had no hand in it. God bless our Government with integrity and wisdom in high places and let not the old guard civil servants be bigoted as in the past.
That Canada might have a future in the Millennium.

 2006/12/26 8:40

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