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All that God does has to be consistent with all that God is. He cannot deny himself. agapE is not human love multiplied by 'n'. It is love which is qualititevly different to any 'love' that is outside God.

agapE does not define God, God defines agapE. God is also Light but God created 'darkness' although there was no darkness in Him. I think our struggle is because we have a concept of 'love' and this concept of love could not possible envisage that God could allow/decree that someone would be endlessly separated from that love. But that means our definition of 'love' is inadequate not that God is lacking in his 'love'.

God's love, being consistent with his nature, is a holy love and everything that God ever does will be utterly consistent with who he is.

You ask 'what part of agapE could allow a soul to be endlessly separated'? No 'part' of agapE, but agapE itself being God's love has no parts but is whole. The problem is that our views of God's love are fragmented; God's love is not fragmented.

Ron Bailey

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 Re: Agape Love

Dear JaySaved,

I have prayed and asked God repeatedly how to answer your question and I feel He is telling me to just let it go.

Sometimes the urge is to always have an answer, but I feel many with way more knowledge than I have have adequately answered the question.

Also what comes to my mind is a word I read while studying Matthew 5. One commentator said Jesus never defended the truth, He just spoke it and let people do with it what they will. The truth is it's own defense.

Blessings Brother :-D


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