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[b]Feb 25th - THE Passion is out today![/b]
The Passion Movie is out today in Theateres across north america. Pray that the Lord uses the movie to bring conviction and repentance to people christian and non-christian.

Everybody's abuzz about The Passion of The Christ, Mel Gibson's new movie depicting Jesus' last 12 hours before his crucifixion. The film has been in in all the media—secular and religious—and has been labeled everything from anti-Semitic to historically accurate to spiritually inspired.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Striking that after 2000 years, not much has changed.

With the multiplied millions of words given in opinion and after abosrbing quite a healthy chunk of them myself, here we are.

Yeah I know, it's 'just' a movie.
And tonight I will be amongst the other created beings attending,(why not? I won free tickets!)

Strangely and I might add [i]rarely[/i] to those who are aware of my ramblings, my mind is in a state of neutrality in as much of preconcieved ideas going in. I pray that it stays that way.
May the Lord use it as He see's fit (hmmm, guess that would apply to both, my mind and the movie)

Will offer up a 'reflections of a fool' review tommorow, at least it might be a bit different then the usual...we shall see :-)

'After all the dust has settled,
The question still remanins;
"Then he began to ask them, "But who do you say I am?" Peter answered him, "You are the Christ!"
Mar 8:29

Yes He is.

Mike Balog

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Santa Clara, CA


In another little twist on things...

Was reading a bit in CT in regards to [i]'a long tradition of cross-centered devotion'[/i]
briefly it talks of some of the history of the Moravians and on to the different periods of history and the styles of devotion and so forth.

A really good article with some info that may have been overlooked. Hate to tease you all with this since the link won't be up untill tomorrow, but it was hard to resist this little snippet that really stood out.

After discussing a bit on Constantine:

"[i]Christianity became fashionable under later Christian emperors, and the church began to look too much like the world. So men and women began retreating from society into solitary cells and small communities. These earliest monastics sought the road to true discipleship. And they saw their master and model, Christ, as the sacrificial lamb, mocked and slaughtered to redeem sinful man.[/i]"

Mike Balog

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Santa Clara, CA


Here's the link that relates to the last reply:
[url=]The Fountain Fill'd with Blood[/url]

Mike Balog

 2004/2/26 16:43Profile

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Santa Clara, CA


[u]Movie Review?[/u]

Good grief,
Where to start? How about this earlier quote:

I started getting emails from Christians claiming that the film is a kind of 'Catholic conspiracy' and vowing that they would never see it. What hogwash! GO SEE THE MOVIE!! ~Andrew Strom

I'll take off on the 'hogwash' part and leave the rest up to whoever.

Lot of opinions. But for all the questions, warning's and what not...

What a bunch of nonsense.
I learned something through all this, it's really easy to get all caught up with things in your head from maybe even well intentioned people.
And I am slowly begining to see the wisdom of some of our more experienced brethren around here, their silence on something like this speaks volumes.

If you want to go see it, go see it and draw your own conclusions. I didn't see anything heretical and sure he took some license with some odd bit's, but big deal.

Anti-semitism...please. Enough said.
If anything anti-Romanism as far as the soldiers go, the way they were portrayed, these guy's love their job's too much, likely would have worked for free. One of 'em reminded me of Goldberg(WWF) and to them this was sport.

Graphic, brutal, you will wince.
All I could think of was that maybe after this, for those who want to loosely throw around [i]
Isa 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.[/i]
as a statement of physical healing in the atonement...that's another issue, but I got to wonder if this might cause some reflection. It is one thing to read it, imagine it or even hear someone describe the flogging, seeing it is quite another and it is incredibly realistic.

For the life of me I am a bit perplexed over why I wasn't affected emotionally, being a somewhat emotional being, strange. Maybe it will hit me in a couple of days, maybe not.

Will it affect others in this way, surely.
I wondered how this would be taken by the unbelievers of the world. I could guess, but I would imagine the reactions are all over the map.
I have no way of seperating myself from who I am in Christ now to gain that perspective.

It is powerfully realistic.
There is no getting around that.
It didn't seem like a movie in a sense.
It wasn't minipulative.

Still processing.

One other thing, the sub-titles, I forgot all about them. The transition became really natural to where you don't have to think about it.

Is this the great 'evangelism' opportunity that it has been touted as?
Will it drive sinners to repentance?

Who knows?
I didn't come out of it all excited about those possibilities as some have, even those I admire.
But that could change. I may go see it again in a different set of circumstances, with a different mind set and come away with a completely different point of view.

[b][u]But[/u][/b] and here I wan't to share with you all a very remarkable and unforseen outcome.

After returning from the movie, my step-son Josh asked me what I had thought.

I need to fill in here a bit first.
We haven't had much of a father/son type relationship. We are a bit dysfunctional around here and actually I am glad in a lot of ways.
A lot of the blame belongs on my own head for not dealing with things, putting them off, skimming over issues...
I didn't even really know where he was spiritually, a vauge at best guess. Being a teenager...well if you have one...
But, this kid is different. Great heart, it freaks me out sometimes to see much of myself in him when I was his age.
Yet, we really never [i]talked[/i].

Until last night.
From that little inquiry and he had shown a bit of interest in the movie, here and there, sparked the most honest and incredible discussion we have ever had.

We ended up talking late into the night on every concievable topic under the sun, primarily as to how it relates to faith in God and Jesus Christ our Lord.
Death, hell, salvation, false religion, sham, phoniness and nominal, rote Christianity. "sugar-coated" in his words.
Open, naked and bs. (that would be 'brazzen silliness' :-) )

It was like the walls of Jericho fell down.

The little buger has even been reading a Bible we gave to him a couple of years back.
He has been praying!
He has more faith than I could have ever even imagined and I believe God has given to him a remarkable ability to truly trust Him.

He is a punker and praise God, he can put a bone in his nose for all I care. He belongs to the Lord and that is all that matters.

Last night, everything changed in our relationship.
I am and was so thankfull, I could not and cannot stop giving thanks to the Lord.

I know that many of you have prayed for me and my family, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
Surely the Lord answered and used different ways of making things happen.

Thanks to Mel Gibson.
For getting the conversation started.

Mike Balog

 2004/2/26 17:46Profile

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Praise God, Mike! Like I told you earlier today, I had a feeling I would be repenting about all the critisiscm. I started having these feelings of regret about two days ago and then very strongly yesterday.

What I kept hearing was that He is God and not me. He can do whatever He wants with this movie- whether it's hyped up or not.

I am not always right- and like you said, it is hard to not get caught up in the criticalness.

I am so glad that you were blessed in some way by the movie. I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to see it (I go back and forth) I don't want to see it just because I feel "peer pressure" and feel like i'm missing something. I will definitely go if the Lord leads, though!

I hope many Christians come back to their First Love through this. This may be why you weren't quite affected, emotionally as others. You KNOW your First love already- you know these feelings that many others are just feeling for the first time in a long time- if ever.

By the way, my 14 yr. old daughter- she loves the punkers at her school. She says she is more comfortable talking with them instead of the "cheerleader/preppy' type because they know they aren't 'all that".

Arielle is one who is a "friend to all" and can fit in with anyone- but prefers to befriend the outcasts, the nerds, and the punkers. Way to go, Arielle! :-D

Blessings to you and your family- Mike.

In Him, Chanin


 2004/2/26 18:09Profile

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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: movie review

Last night, everything changed in our relationship.
I am and was so thankfull, I could not and cannot stop giving thanks to the Lord.

Praise God! What wonderful news!

Thanks also for your input on the movie. I can relate to your experience about getting caught up in things in your head surrounding this movie. I think that God can and will use this movie to His glory, and in ways we do not expect, such as starting the dialogue with your step-son. Isn't God amazing?

I think I will go see this film, perhaps I can convince my wife to go see it with me.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2004/2/26 19:01Profile

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 Re: God's Sovereignty

It is rare to hear so much talk surrounding a movie, especially one that is religious in nature.

I am thinking it is God's sovereign will to make "The Passion of the Christ" go through so much publicity--both positive and negative.

The end result I see is an increasing viewership and open discussions about Jesus and faith in the public arena.

[b]A year ago, could you imagine that it would actually be [i]cool[/i] to ask your gospel friend to go see a movie about Jesus?[/b]

So I have no interest in discussing about this or that Catholic or anti-semitic conspiracies! I would rather bring my friends there and spread the good news.



 2004/2/27 9:18Profile

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee


Are you sure that you're not a Ron? There are a whole denomination of those guys on this web site, that sound a lot like you when you said:

"So I have no interest in discussing about this or that Catholic or anti-semitic conspiracies! I would rather bring my friends there and spread the good news."

My reason for not going to see the movie, is directly related to my strict Baptist upbringing! We have our CONVICTIONS regarding Hollywood,going to movies,and supporting YOU KNOW WHO. Besides,I couldn't find a coupon, or get a FREE ticket. Know whut I mean Vern? :-D
Clutch :-P

Howard McNeill

 2004/2/27 22:40Profile

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Santa Clara, CA


So how did you like it Clutch?

Mike Balog

 2004/2/27 23:35Profile

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