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Here is an update from TSC (Times Square Church) itself:

[b]DAY ONE[/b]
Pastor Carter began the fast with a call to repentance. He said we could not come before the Lord with our requests with sin in the heart, so immediately an alter call was made for people to make right with God. The alter was flooded by men and women who wanted to be clean vessels before the Lord as they began their intercession.

A shout of high praise resulted after the alter call as men and women drowned out the voice of the accuser in worship of Christ.

The Lord led us into communion followed by prayer and worship.

Specific prayer was made for those in the business world followed by intercession for teachers and students in the schools.

Pastor Gary Wilkerson ministered the Word for about 30 minutes and people responded to a call to be saved and were encouraged to trust God in their lives.

Lastly, powerful prayer and intercession was made for women who had direct influence in the lives of children. The prayer for these women was to be bold in their sharing of Christ and direct in their witness in the lives of these children for God.

[b]DAY TWO[/b]
Pastor Carter started the meeting with a Word from the Lord. He shared that the enemy tried to lie to David and that the small victories he had received from the Lord would not count in fighting against a giant. Pastor Carter communicated that not only was this not true but that with God nothing is impossible; He would take the victories He had already given us and use them to bring down mighty giants in our lives.

The congregation was invited to come and be anointed with oil by the elders of the church as a step of faith for both breaking the fear of man and receiving boldness to be a witness for Christ.

After hundreds of men and women responded to be anointed, the church broke into small groups and prayed for the love of God to fill them and then prayed for one another.

Pastor Carter invited high school and college students to pray for their peers, teachers and campuses, and for an anointing to win souls for Christ.

Lastly, a word and testimony was shared by Pastor Neil on breaking the power and stronghold of rejection over people’s lives. Men, women and children responded to the alter call and the Lord touched many lives. The meeting ended in a victory song.

[b]DAY THREE[/b]
What a powerful evening in the presence of the Lord! Day three of our fast began with Pastor Patrick of the youth ministry sharing from Proverbs 3. The Lord encouraged the congregation not to rest on man’s wisdom but to rest on the Lord. His sharing led us into forty-five minutes of prayer for total commitment to Christ and His calling in all of our lives.

There was a five-year-old girl who was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit; she prayed and worshipped under the anointing of the Lord. When the church interceded, so did she and her life was literally caught up in the presence of the Lord. Hallelujah!

Pastor Carter felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to take up an offering exclusively for the youth ministry, in particular, high school students who have committed their lives to Christ. This offering will enable these kids to take food to the homes of students who are underprivileged. Along with food, the offering will provide funds for Bibles, tracts, and other literature and supplies needed to reach these kids for the Lord.

We worshipped and prayed for the next half hour and petition was made for the many emails received from our Christian brothers and sisters from all over the globe. Prayers went forth also for Pastor David Wilkerson and his family; that God would use him for many years to come and strengthen him for upcoming pastors’ conferences around the world. We called upon the Lord to keep the pulpit and the preached Word of God pure; to remove any pride and selfish ambition from the pulpit, and the elders and pastors lives so that God would always have a lighthouse in Times Square Church.

Pastor Carter called for all church staff to come forward and be anointed with oil and prayed for by the elders. Next the music ministry, including the band and choir, was invited to be anointed by the elders who prayed for them. We thanked the Lord for their dedication and loyalty to the ministry. This was received amidst tears and worship by the staff as they were touched and ministered to by the Lord. Praise God!

The pastors and elders gathered around Pastor Carter and prayed for him and his family for the Lord’s protection and anointing as He uses their lives for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The evening ended with great rejoicing as we enjoyed the presence of Christ in our midst.

Thanks to all of you around the world who participated in this three day fast with us. We believe that God will continue to do mighty things in the lives of His people and in these coming days. Please take the time to share your testimonies of miracles, deliverances, and life changing events you have experienced with the Lord during these last three days.

God bless you,
The Pastors and Staff of Times Square Church

If you have joined us on this fast through the internet, we encourage you to share with us your prayers, testimony or praise reports, that we may share it with our congregation and pray for you. God bless you! [email protected]

I encourage anyone from this site to write TSC and share your testimony of How God was working in your fast.

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Greg, Mike, Nadine, and everyone else who has fasted,
Hello! I am sorry I was unable to update on days 2 and 3. It's great that Jacques shared with you in detail what happened in day 2.

Pastor Neil's testimony about his own personal was not only moved me but made me marvel at how our God just meets us at our point of need. He is so good. As Pastor Neil was sharing his story, God impressed on me my brother Mark, who has been in the past few years of his life dealing with this pattern of rejection that Pastor Neil was describing.

I knew that this word was for my brother. I was not able to share it to him until Friday morning, after the fast. I didn't know what to do or say but God led me to tell him Pastor Neil's story and point out the areas of bitterness(including people he felt bitterness towards) that he was holding on to. I told him what Pastor Neil said that "God wants to free you", that He knows what you've been through, and whatever pain you've felt He has buried all that when He went to the cross.

We cried and prayed together that morning. It was a blessed time. Glory be to God. I know this will start my brother on the road to healing.

As for me, it was not until the third day that the Lord really showed me what it was that He was speaking to me about during the fast. I recall how songs like "All I want is more of you, nothing I desire more but more of you" were songs I could not sing wholeheartedly because there were things that were competing for the top spot in my life. In the past, as we would sing such songs, I would keep praying "Lord, I want to reach that point where I could sing this to you with all my heart." What a miracle! THe Lord birthed in me just more love and desire for Him. I came out of those three days realizing that "Lord, yes now you are my heart's chief(I actually made up my own word 'chiefest') love. I could truly sing "nothing I desire more but more of you".

The third night's service was the key. THe entire service was worship alternating with prayer. And the heart of the prayers was yielding everything to the Lord. And I did. I told the Lord that I was opening all the doors of my heart. THere was no room I was going to keep. I also yielded my desires, my hopes, my dreams - becoming a doctor, finding the one for me and having a family and more. I put them all under his Lordship. My relationship with the Lord is deeper than it has ever been. ANd I want more. It was so great to just be able to sing a song like "SHout to the Lord" during worship and mean it with all my heart.

Our God is so awesome! :)

As I am able to, I will keep you all posted about things going on at TSC. The congregation was just praising the Lord for the powerful works He's done during the fast and for participation, like yours, of our brothers and sisters the world over. It is really such a blessing to all of us when Pastor Carter reads emails of testimonies from all over the world.

God bless everyone! Have a great week.

much love in Christ,

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