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 Re: fasting and sharing

I will fast and pray during this time

Nathan Rogers

I would also challenge those who are partaking in this fast to give the money that you would have spent on food for those 3 days and give it to charity.

Isaiah 58:6-14

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Manitoba, Canada


I will fast on the three days.

Lyndon Waldner

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 Re: not sure what I did

I inadvertantly started a New Thread. sorry.
I will also join this fast. The church in Haiti are fasting on the 5Th for peace etc.

Please pray that I also find clear guidance for my future ministry here in Ireland and of course pray for ireland that the GOspel be embraced

Paul Carley

Paul R Carley

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Please pray for me as I am surrounded by many friends and family members who don't know Christ. Pray that God will speak to these people I care about through my life in Him. Also a friend of mine, his mom has cancer, her name is Chris.


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 Re: Some thoughts for this time of fasting

I was doing some reading this morning and I came across the following, I believe it will put us in the right frame of mind for this time of fasting and prayer:

"Let us bow before God in humility, and in that humility confess before Him the state of the whole Church. No words can tell the sad state of the Church of Christ on earth. I wish I had words to speak what I sometimes feel about it. Just think of the Christians around you. I do not speak of nominal Christians, or professing Christians, but I speak of hundreds of thousands of honest, earnest Christians who are not living a life in the power of God or to His glory. So little power, so little devotion or consecration to God, so little perception of the truth that a Christian is a man utterly surrendered to God's will. Oh, we want to confess the sins of God's people around us, and to humble ourselves. We are memebrs of that sickly body, The sickliness of the body will hinder us and break us down, unless we come to God. We must, in confession, seperate ourselves from partnership with worldliness, with coldness toward each other. We must give ourselves up to be entirely and wholly for God.

How much Christian work is being done in the spirit of the flesh and in the power of self! How much work, day by day, in which human energy-our will and our thought about work-is continually manifested, and in which there is little waiting upon God and the power of the Holy Spirit! Let us make a confession. But as we confess the state of the Church , and the febbleness and sinfulness of work for God among us, let us come back to ourselves. Who is there who truly longs to be delivered from the power of the self-life and the flesh, who truly acknowledges that it [i]is[/i] the power of self and the flesh, and who is willing to cast all at the feet of Christ? There is deliverance."

-Andrew Murray from [i]Absolute Surrender[/i]

Ron Halverson

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 Re: EVENT: A Call to Fast (3 day fast)

I will join you in the three day fast beginning tomorrow through Thursday and am in complete agreement with your prayer: Dear God, set me apart. Show me what you would have me to do. Lord Jesus, show your Glory one more time through my life. Make a difference where I am through me, in Jesus' name. Amen.

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I too will fast...Shelly Rollins. Please pray for a revival and renewing to break out in the youth group that I work with as well as in our church. God is already beginning to stir and move in some of our core youth, but I want it to spread, and so much so that the power of the Holy Spirit will draw near those who need to hear.


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I am personally starting my fast at 9pm (est) tonight and going through till thursday at the same time. I am believing the Lord will deal with much in our hearts and batize us with a spirit of boldness for Christ.

[b]“It’s Time to Take a Stand”
A Call to Fast[/b]
On February 8, 2004, God spoke three messages to Times Square Church and called us to fast to take a stand for Jesus Christ in the midst of the wickedness of these times.

The fast will be held on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The pastors are calling people in business and other challenging work areas to pray for the boldness to stand up for Christ in the workplace. As Pastor Carter preached that Sunday, “there are numerous victories to be won but somebody has to go in at the risk of their own life for the lives of those around them, and if we perish, we perish.”

To understand this call to fast, the pastors recommend we listen to all three messages preached on Sunday, February 8th:

[url=]The Journey From Prayer To Obedience[/url]
Carter Conlon

[url=]Yarib: Defender Of The People[/url]
Neil Rhodes

[url=]Is God Calling You To Be A Deliverer[/url]
Teresa Conlon

[b]NOTE:[/b] If you join us on this fast, I encourage you to post on this forum and also send Times Square Church an email with your name, address and any testimonies and praise reports from this fast. We are fasting with this church and sharing its vision that God layed on their pastors hearts: [email protected]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Please post your prayer requests in this thread and pray for each others specific needs during this next three days. Also post your praise reports here and things God is showing you during these next 3 days, share as much as you feel led, I will try to personally check this thread as many times during the day as possible. The Lord bless all who are going to seek God during these next 3 days with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. He will be found with those who diligently seek Him. Seek and ye shall find.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: EVENT: A Call to Fast (3 day fast)

I will be joining this 3 day fast

"Some time ago I asked a christian why he beleived in Jesus Christ. He said 'Because He is the Saviour'. I asked, 'It is no proof that Jesus Christ is the Saviour because it is in the book, the proof must be in our heart'. We must realise this truth and know him.There is a great difference between knowing about Christ and kowing Christ. When I used to know about Christ I used to hate Him, but when I knew Him, then I began to love Him. When we Know about Him it does not do us any good, it is no spiritual help, but when we know Him, nobody will ask us If we know our Saviour, there will be somethingin our life which will show it. There may be temptations and difficulties in this world, but we shall never be conquered if we have experienced this knowledge of Christ. " SADHU SUNDAR SINGH

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