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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Prayer request for a person who has just had his son die and another for who has gone into prison

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Hemel Hempstead

 Prayer request for a person who has just had his son die and another for who has gone into prison

I have been going through a hard time and I so want to obey god but there is some people in our church who need prayer, one of our friends sons recently died in a car accident and really needs prayer as she is angry at god!!!
This is the second one of her children to die. She needs Jesus!!
Mary Jane also needs prayer because she has had her children taken of her and she is on heroin. Paddy who is her sister is in prison and was just about to recieve Christ.
Danny and Alice who are also Jims Sons need prayer
as Jim Ward has had 8 sons 3 have died and this is his only hope. Pray for him as he has been struggling with Drink and Alchol.
Also the christian bookshop needs prayer and we have been working on a non christian building site and there is one of my collegues who said that he would not become a christian and another man who needs prayer because he does some not nice stuff and talks foully.
Pray for me as I want to obey Jesus!! I want to do what is right and be pure and holy!! and get that fire back again for evangelism and obey the Lord
pray for dave lay that he will stop gambling

Dominic Shiells

 2006/11/17 12:26Profile

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 Re: Prayer request for a person who has just had his son die and another for who has

Father, I ask You in Your Loving Kindness, and Tender Mercies, meet each one of these needs today.
Let Your Holy Spirit draw the unsaved to You, and save them, and let them win others to Christ.
Nothing is too hard for you.
In Jesus Name

 2006/11/17 13:19Profile

Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead

 Praise the Lord he is out of jail and was in another cell with a christian

He is out of prison and he was in another cell with a christian!!! Praise GOd !!!
There is another one of Jim's friends called Ike who needs prayer. Paddy who you were praying for split up with his wife and he has lost his three kids!!!
Jimmy whos son Paddy is , has two children on Heroin or maybe more and if you know anything about Heroin it can kill you!!
Mary Jane who I brought to the Lord and have been trying to paint for months has two children and a husband I dont know whether he is in jail!! It is hard enough to get them to read there bible.
I need a miracle even to get her back to church!!
She has two children who have been taken into care!! Pray for them aswell and that she gets of the heroin!!
JImmy ward also needs prayer that his children come back , he asked to pray for Danny as he is always going to Nightclubs and thing and Ike as he in jail , he is a heroin addict!!! MArgret , Antony. Jim Ward has also had to do his washing as his 17 year old daughter has left her for the world!!! Jim is scared that they will all end up in a bad state as drinking is normal!!!

Dominic Shiells

 2006/11/17 19:32Profile

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