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 I need help in this situation

My Brother John has Terminal Cancer, and has refused Chemo.
The Dr's say he doesn't have long.
It is Lung Cancer, they say.
He hasn't been saved long.
I know God is able to heal him, but also know that God knows best.
Do I pray for his healing, or do I pray Mercy?
I love my Brother, and I know God knows when each of us are going to die.
Could I get some in-put and Prayer on this, please.
God Bless you

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 Re: I need help in this situation

May God bless him and heal him in Jesus name.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

 Re: I need help in this situation

Dear Nellie,

I understand what you are going through. My dad had lungcancer, and I also knew that the Lord could heal him. Well, He didn´t. It is not easy for us.
But in this situation, you can tell the Lord everything that you wrote above. Tell Him that you know that He is able to heal your brother, but tell Him also that if He won´t do it, it is ok with you, too. I understand that you would rather keep your brother with you, and maybe that is His plan too. We just don´t know. What does your brother think about the whole situation, do you know? Well, I pray that God will give you strenghth to go through this and peace, and the same for your brother. Praise God that your brother is saved.

Ask the Lord, what to pray for, Nellie. As you said, He knows best!

In Christ,

Beate Masslock

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yeah, just found out two of my brothers in Christ came down with cancer too..will pray

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My Brother just says he will be alright, and Jesus is there in the bed with him, and that Jesus answers his prayers.
He is a new Christian, and says songs are in his mind a lot.
The last time I saw him, he wanted me to write down the words of the Song, "Precious Lord, take my Hand. I sang it to him, also.
Thank-you all for praying.
Please continue to hold us up to God.
May God meet each of your needs also.
God always knows best, even when we don't understand.
God Bless

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