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Praise the Lord!

This is a great admonition to get desperate before it's too late.

I hope just one David Brainerd, just one John Hyde, just one Evan Roberts, just one Rees Howells, just one Count Zizendorf, just one Edward Payson, or just one simple soul will get desperate enough to forsake all the luxuries of Babylon to seek the riches of Zion by life or death!


 2007/1/19 1:21

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I am not opposed to revival or biblical evangelism.

However, let us focus on the things that the LORD has told us to focus on.

We are commanded to seek Jesus and become JUST LIKE JESUS. If we REALLY do this, the revival God has designed will follow!

Does this involve prayer? Absolutely. Does this mean we will do as Brother Rich has said, going out away from the organized church? What other way is there?

But I say this truth>>>> The Revival the WILL Come from God will NOT be like anyone thinks!

Do not expect it to look like it has in the past, you may miss it! Seek the Lord. Become like Jesus. Rely on God. Trust in HIM!

Repent from following our own ways, our own plans, our own programs, our own ideas of what a revival consists of. Lay them ALL DOWN and allow them to be burned up by the Fire of God.

Let us not attempt to do God's work, which is REVIVAL. Instead, let us be about the work God has given us to do which is abiding in Christ Jesus; remembering that when we DO Abide in Him, we will walk JUST AS HE WALKED! We will NOT dredge this up out of our abilities, nor will we be able to determine how things will come about.

We will learn ONLY to Speak the things the Lord speaks and DO ONLY what we see Him do, JUST LIKE JESUS did while He lived on the earth.

God will take care of the increase, let us leave Him to do as HE wills and come into submission to Him and His ways.

Do we want to see revival?

Then get to the place where this comes true>>>

Joh 14:20 At that time [when that day comes] you will know [for yourselves] that I am in My Father, and you [are] in Me, and I [am] in you.
Joh 14:21 The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.]

When THIS is true in our lives, we will not have to concern ourselves with revival because it will be happening around us!

a bondslave in Christ Jesus, Dirk

What a word from the Lord! What wise words! The person, words and life of Jesus are to be the primary focus. We can be a Mary at His feet or a Martha, running around being distracted by our worries. But what did He say the one needful thing was?

[b]Luke 10:41-42[/b]

[b]41[/b] "Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, [b]42[/b] but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."

I have found in my own personal spiritual journey that I have been the most frustrated and irritated when I focus and worry about what I need to do to be a better person; more Christ-like. But the times I simply spend time with Him in prayer, the word, the teaching of the word, everything does flow out from that as Dirk mentioned and as I learned from one of my pastors, Josh. It's so easy to forget or stray from. But God faithfully takes me right back to that place at His feet entrusting every care to Him. You would think my mind would finally comprehend that this works and never try anything else, but I forget. We all so easily forget. There must be something in all of us, possibly the flesh, that wants to do it on our own. Full dependence on God is hard sometimes when we don't submit our will, our knowledge, our understanding to Him. Jesus will be faithful to direct the seeking hearts to Him. A revival within will be experienced when our eyes are on Him and Him alone. May we learn to experience this consistenly and not sporadically.

Yolanda Fields

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