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 recent elctions/ usa

Many voices, in the media and the pulpit, would have us believe that God is a Republican.

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 Re: recent elctions/ usa

I've found that all parties have sincere believers within positions of power, and both have those in positions of power who use the name of Christ to gain power. While I personally line up more along the platform on the right, I did cast a vote or two for Democrats yesterday, because they were people of integrity and accountability (and, not to mention, didn't bash or demean their opponent on the campaign trail, which was refreshing).

It is sad that a lot of American society sees God sitting on his throne with one arm around an elephant and the other holding an American flag. I just hope true believers in the States recognize that God goes far beyond the political games that we mere men play down here.

Mary M.

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A Democrat here in western NC beat out a 16 year incumbant Republican for Congress. I have voted for the Republican every election, including yesterday.

The reason I didnt vote for the Democrat yesterday was because I dont think giving the Dems control of Congress, and having Nancy Pelosi (however you spell her name) as the Speaker of the House is going to be the best thing for our country.

The Republican has a history of voting pro-Life, pro-military... all the things I want my Congressman to vote for. The Democrat has never held public office, but his platform was identical to the Republican.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the Democrat give his victory speech on the 11 o'clock news last night... he started by saying:

"First... I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!"

In 16 years I've never heard our Republican say anything like that.

If the new Congressman votes the way he says he is going to... I will be voting Democrat for at least one office. I already emailed him and told him I would be keeping track of his voting record... and thanked him for his honoring the Lord first and formost.

See!! I can be a good sport!


 2006/11/8 17:21

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Krispy you radical christian you! 8-) God Bless you, it's always a joy to read your comments. I trust your football season went well. Your brother in Christ -- daryl


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One thing you guys need to be careful of is giving too much credence to politicians.

After the 2004 elections, the Democrats regrouped and decided it was more in their best interest to appear "religious". They realized that they had lost because churches came out in full force to vote. They knew that if they were ever to get back in office they would have to capitalize on that.

How did they do it? Well, they did what they do best; they sniffed out Republicans who were acting immoral and even sniffed out a prominent religious leader right before the election and exposed them.

What happened Tuesday was not what it appeared to be. It was a Trojan horse attempt to win back voters. Kennedy is still there. Kerry is still there. Hillary is still there. And now, Pelosi is REALLY there!

What you will see in the next few years will show you that they have not "found religion", but influence.

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi has served on the executive committee of the socialist-leaning Progressive Caucus.

All the things they fought for before will still be pushed on the American people, only this time we eleceted them to do it.


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Dont say "we"... I didnt vote for any of them.


 2006/11/9 13:11

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While both parties are far from perfect, it would be difficult for me to vote for the Democratic Party. Why? Their [url=]party platform[/url] (their contract of beliefs) calls for some obviously evil things in regards to the moral direction of this nation.

The platform calls for an end to the “discrimination” of homosexuals (including by religious organizations), and embraces a desire for the legalization of gay marriage. The platform believes in comprehensive sex education to be taught in schools with no mention of abstinence. This includes teaching elementary aged school children (as young as first and second grade) about the need for sexual diversity and acceptance – and that children should be taught that homosexuality is “normal.” According to the National Journal, Howard Dean (a Democratic candidate for President in 2004 and the current Chair of the Democratic Party) even endorsed a requirement that 5 to 10 percent of all Democratic Party delegates to be openly homosexual.

The Democratic Party also promises that abortion should be legal under [u]all[/u] circumstances (including “partial birth” abortion). They also embrace a belief that abortion should be available to children – including an 11 or 12 year old girl without her parents ever knowing or consenting. The Democratic Party also interprets the First Amendment to include the protection of such things as pornography, sex, violence and anti-religious sentiment. Hollywood, the largest group of donors to the Democratic Party, uses its "freedom" to openly mock and demean Christ, Christians and conservatives. However, the Democratic Party and the American Civil Liberties Union called for the restrictions on certain religious groups (including those on the internet) if they were deemed to be too “political” in nature.

The Democratic Party also embraces “embryonic stem cell research.” This procedure calls for the mass development of “test tube embryos” to be destroyed by having their stem cells removed when they are in the 5th or 6th day of development. By this time, the unborn child has a face, eyes and arms. The Republican Party, however, stands opposed to all of these things.

The Democratic Party certainly embraces some other ideas and beliefs that are not nearly as offensive to believers. They believe in gun control, environmental protection, “universal” healthcare and welfare programs, etc… However, a position concerning these things is not so obviously defined in the Word of God.

Please don't confuse this post as an embrace of the Republican Party -- or an attack on the Democratic Party. There are certainly some nice people in the Democratic Party -- particularly on a local level. And as a couple of recent scandals prove, there are some questionable characters in the Republican Party. I simply want to point out some major issues with the Democratic Party platform.

I personally find it difficult to support a state or national candidate who is forced to accept the overall goals of what is contained in the Democratic Party's platform. The fact that the Democratic Party will fight hard to further the causes of abortion, a forced embracement of the homosexual lifestyle and the limitation of public displays of faith are reasons enough for me to not cast a vote for them. While the Republican Party is far from perfect (and of course), it might be worth voting for some of them if it can somehow prevent the murders of nearly 1 million children every year.

I know some believers that feel that it is out of place for Christians to be involved with the political processes or laws of this country. Some even reject any sort of voting altogether as a work of darkness. Yet some of these same individuals complain about the rise of ungodliness in this society that was once so founded upon Biblical principles. In my opinion, you lose much of your right to complain if you failed to even cast a vote. A vote is, after all, simply a voice.

I hope to one day get married and have children. Even now, I care deeply about my parents and siblings. As such, I believe that it is within my responsibility to protect and provide for my family. One way to do this is to vote -- and vote wisely. I feel that too often, believers attempt to seperate the "spiritual" from the "natural" things of our lives. In my opinion, our relationship with God extends through every fabric of our lives. This includes our spiritual deeds, but also our relationships, our jobs, and yes, our votes.



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Everyone is freaking out over the outcome of the election, and y'all know that I'm not very pleased about it either.

But I have one question... who is in control? The Republicans? The Democrats?

... or is God still in control?


 2006/11/9 14:36

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
Everyone is freaking out over the outcome of the election, and y'all know that I'm not very pleased about it either.

But I have one question... who is in control? The Republicans? The Democrats?

... or is God still in control?


There was an election?


Josh Parsley

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Middlebury, Indiana


I expected that people would punish Bush for the war and scandal, but what I can't understand is that, in many cases, people chose a platform for sodomite marriage, baby murder and the like. I can't understand the jump in logic. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the guy I wanted to win, won, though I myself didn't vote.

Now that said, had my state had a ballot referendum like South Dakota, I'd been the first at the polls with an abortion sign so people can see what they're voting for. On the flip side, its really awesome that 44% of those who voted in SD really don't want abortion.

Neil Long

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